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West Valley City Victim Visa Attorney

Immigration stories come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, some come in worse packages than others. No one deserves to be a victim of a crime. No one deserves to deal with the trauma of being a victim of a criminal act. Yet, it happens every day and unfortunately more so to those in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. Moreover, these crimes tend to find immigrants because there is fear in immigrants reaching out to the police force. This was recognized when legislation created the Violence Against Women Act and U-Visa. VAWA is legislation recognizing that any noncitizen person who is a victim of domestic violence and domestic abuse should have a safe immigration path to citizenship. U-Visa is a specially made visa available to noncitizens who are victims to particular kind of criminal acts.


If you are noncitizen who has experienced domestic abuse or domestic violence by a United States Citizen then our Victim Visa Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in West Valley City are here to help you. We cannot begin to understand the trauma you must have undergone in your home, a place where you should feel safe and loved. We are here to ensure that you are never put in that situation again and we are here to make sure that you do not have the stress of finding residency either. Those who have been abused don’t seek help because they don’t think they are deserving. Couple that thought with being fearful of your immigration status and you have life or death situation on your hands. Do not wait until that moment. The VAWA also covers the children of the spouse who was abused. Even if they are not from the same relationship as the United States citizen. This legislation covers, thankfully, children, teenagers, and those in same-sex partnerships.


This particular visa was created to give victims of criminal acts the opportunity to feel safe in the United States. There are certain requirements that must be met to apply for the U-Visa. This visa typically lasts about 4 years, but you can apply to extend it. During this time you can recover from any physical or psychological trauma and work towards other forms of residency like green cards or full citizenship. To apply for a U-nonimmigrant status you have to be a victim of a qualifying criminal act like violent crimes, sexual crimes, enslavement crimes, or other extreme cases. The U-visa does extend to indirect victims such as children or dependents on the victim who was criminally assaulted.

What to Do

If either of these situations sounds like something you have experienced please call 801-656-9605 or click here to start a conversation without Victim Visa Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in West Valley City. We are so sorry to hear about your situation, but please know that there are options for you to feel safe and secure. We are ready to guide you through whatever process suits your story best.