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West Valley City Same Sex Immigration Attorney

As of 2017, there are 26 countries in the world that recognize same-sex relationships via marriage. The Netherlands was the first to lead the pack honoring same-sex marriage in 2000. Germany, Malta, and Australia joined the 26 as of 2017. The United States honored same-sex marriage in 2015. This isn’t very long ago. The stigma against same-sex couples is still horrifically high. Homophobia runs rampant even in countries that honor same-sex marriage. Just because it was legally accepted does not equate to social acceptance. Although, we are hoping that the prior will start to influence the social acceptance even more. So what do you do if you are same-sex couple trying to find residency in the United States? You do the same thing as any other couple would do.  However, there may be some complications and our Same-Sex Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in West Valley City are here to help you through it all.

What to Expect

If you are a citizen hoping to claim your same-sex partner residency via fiancé visa then you start the application process as normal. In 2013, before same-sex marriage was even legal, the United States Supreme Court turned down DOMA which stood for Defense of Marriage Act. This legislation proposed a stigma against same-sex couples. By striking it down, the United States Supreme Court declared that same-sex couples were no longer able to be discriminated against when they are lawfully seeking green cards for non- US citizen or non-LPR spouse.

Therefore, step one is covered. You can bring your same-sex partner with you to the United States without fear of discrimination. However, even though legally there are repercussions for discrimination, there are still questions in the immigration interview that do not represent the LGBTQIA community. Subsequently, this makes the process harder for the couples as well as harder to prove that there is no fraudulent behavior happening. For example, the immigration interview requires you to answer intimate questions about your partner as well as their family. However, due to homophobia and cultural shame around homosexuality, many partners may not know anything about their partner’s family. How are you to tell the interviewers about your partner’s family when they have completely abandoned them? These questions bring up past trauma of violent relationships and can make a person feel disheartened and stop the process.

What to Do

Our Same-Sex Immigration Attorneys do not want you to feel disheartened. We will prepare you for every step of the way. We want you to know that your relationship and love is valued in our practice and in our country. Let us be the advocate you or your partner may have never had. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to get more information on how our Same-Sex Immigration Attorney sat Familia America Immigration in West Valley City can help you with anything immigration related because we know any process can be extra challenging for anyone in the LGBTQIA community.