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Going through the process of naturalization is no easy feat. Let our West Valley City naturalization attorney at Familia America Immigration, we can help your immigration story become a success. Call at 801-656-9605 to start a conversation with us today.
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West Valley City Naturalization Attorney

Everyone deserves a happy ending. Everyone’s story may not be the same, but they should all end with happy smiles and opportunity. Going through the process of naturalization is no easy feat. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance. With a Naturalization Attorney, your story can end with an increased likelihood for success. Let our family at Familia America Immigration in West Valley City help your immigration story become a success.

Difference between Citizenship and Naturalization

In everyday conversation, people frequently interchange the words citizenship with naturalization and vice versa. In a way this is true. They each mean that you are a now a permanent resident accessible to all the benefits as a born American. However, if you are starting the naturalization process then you have achieved citizenship on your own. Citizenship is what you get when you are the child of a citizen. There are fewer requirements and you do not have to jump through as many hoops as someone who is an adult and wishes to claim citizenship in a new country.

Just like any other immigration process, there are guidelines and strict rules that one must adhere to in order for the process to be a success. If you can answer yes to these one or more of these questions then you are ready to start your naturalization process:

  1. Are you a permanent resident of the United States for more than 5 years with a green card or some other visa?
  2. Are you 18 years or older?
  3. Can you read, write, and understand English? Can you answer questions about basic United States history and the government?
  4. Are you a person of good moral character that you can prove with evidence? Are you willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the United States?
  5. IF you are filing as a spouse, have you lived permanently for 3 years?
  6. Are you active, veteran, or honorable discharge of the military forces?
  7. Are you a parent of a child that needs to be naturalized?

If two or more of these questions are a yes then you may be ready to start your naturalization process. This means that you are ready to hire a Naturalization Attorney to help you with the application process. Like any application, there are lots of documents needed. The most common reason why any applications are denied is due to an error in filling out paperwork or missing paperwork. Don’t let this happen to you.

What to Do

We also know that everyone’s story is different. Maybe you did have a little trouble assimilating with your green card and you may have some misdemeanors. With 26 years of experience, we have seen people with worse histories. Call or click here to reach out to our Naturalization Attorney at Familia America Immigration to see what options there are for you. Do not let your dreams fall to the side because you don’t think you can. We are here to find solutions. Reach out to start your journey to naturalization today.