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Fiancé visa can turn into something more complicated, Hire a West Valley City fiancé visa attorney to get a better understanding of what you and your partner can do to make this process easier. Call at 801-656-9605 so reach out today.
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West Valley City Fiance Visa Attorney

Let our Fiancé Visa Attorneys be the first to congratulate you on this monumental time in your life! Love can truly be found anywhere. Who knows when you travel anything can happen like falling in love. Studying abroad? Traveling for work or for leisure? Seeing international family? You could be dancing in a club down the road from your house or in a whole other country when cupid’s arrow hits. And what a delight that is until you decide to bring your loved one to the United States.

Immigration law, at its best, is just as confusing as trying to untie a knotted necklace. It is such a challenge, but totally worth it in the end. So when you and your loved one is faced with the decision to start the process, don’t do it alone. Hiring a Fiancé Visa Attorney can help your case more than trying to do it by yourself. Our Fiancé Visa Attorneys at Familia American Immigration in West Valley City would be honored to represent you and your partner. We believe that love conquers and are here to help guide you through the whole process.

What to Expect

The kind of visa you are looking for is a K-1 visa. This allows your fiancé to come to the United States for 90 days. Within this time frame, you are to plan a wedding and get married. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, your partner as to apply for a green card visa. Each application takes a lot on the partner who is a citizen because the immigrant partner is not allowed to work until their green card is approved or they are given a work permit. The citizen not only acts as your fiancé, but they are also your sponsor. This means that you are financially tied to your citizen fiancé. This can be an added strain to the relationship, especially if you are used to being independent.

So why add extra stress to a relationship? Let our Fiancé Visa Attorney take care of all the issues while you and your partner enjoy you long desired time together. Our Fiancé Visa Attorneys have over 26 years of experience. We know that sometimes one marriage doesn’t work. We also know that sometimes couples come with children. Do not be burdened by these details. If your partner is divorced and looking to re-marry then you must show all the documentation that you are divorced. You must also share documentation for any children. This is important because there needs to be legal verification for every lawful marriage. If you’re immigrating partner has any prior criminal records, that could be a problem too.

What to Do

As you can see a simple fiancé visa can turn into something more complicated the deeper we dig into the application documents. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to get a better understanding of what you and your partner can do to make this process easier. Our Fiancé Visa Attorneys are to help you, so reach out today.