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West Valley City Deportation Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing deportation then hiring a Deportation Removal Defense Attorney is your best chance to show the immigration court that you are not your mistakes and you should stay in the United States. Unfortunately, choosing to forego the expenses during these hearings. Do not be one of those people.  Our Deportation Removal Defense Attorney at Familia American Immigration understands that not only are you under financial pressure but also under pressure of time.

If you have been ordered to be removed then know that you will have to stand in front of an immigration judge to state your case. The burden is on the government’s side to show that you are not fit to be here in the United States. The government will provide all your information including reasons why you should not be allowed in the United States anymore. As your Deportation Removal Defense Attorney, we have the responsibility of proving that the government has it wrong. We get to show that their evidence is not “convincing or unequivocal”, meaning, that we get to share your side of the story to prove that our evidence outweighs their evidence. But, you cannot do this on your own.

Depending on many factors, the removal process can take a very long or short amount of time. Know that if the court still does not lean in our favor then there are other routes we can take as final attempts to keep you in this country. For example, we can apply for an appeal, an adjustment of status, or a waiver of your case. This is also why it is so important to have a Deportation Removal Defense Attorney on your side. We are here to give you and your family hope through options that are provided to you which most lay people do not know they have. We understand that you are scared. We understand the anxiety and unknown that come with situations like this. We want you to know that as our client you will get out undivided attention and we will listen to your concerns and needs.

The most common reasons for issuing removal papers are criminal acts, immigration fraud, and fraudulent activities. Criminal acts are divided into two main categories: Moral turpitude and an aggravated felony. Moral turpitude acts are those which go against public standards morality, trust, honesty, or justice. Those behaviors can cover a wide breadth of common crimes and misdemeanors. Aggravated felonies are more egregious like smuggling drugs or people into the country. Immigration Fraud and other fraudulent activities are more clearly defined. More plain spoken, you cannot lie or try to cover up anything to the government as they are usually pretty good at finding out the truth.

What to Do

With over 26 years of experience, our Deportation Removal Defense Attorney at West Valley City Familia America Immigration will do all we can to ensure you are receiving a fair trial. We promise to work aggressively for your case. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to start a conversation for a better future today.