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The costs of illegal immigration in Utah

It seems that illegal immigration is costing Utah quite a lot these days. Each deportation is costing the state an average of ten thousand dollars. While the state invests millions each year handling illegal immigrants, undocumented workers are also contributing to Utah’s economy without collecting any benefits. The immigration debate gets more intense as many illegal immigrants who promote economic growth and create demands for jobs are forced to leave the country.

Burden on taxpayers

Some argue that illegal immigrants are a burden on taxpayers since the government spends a lot of money on these workers and they don’t pay income taxes. They believe that the implementation of new immigration laws can save American households thousands of dollars every year. Illegal immigrants are generally paid cash, which means that they don’t pay any kind of taxes.

On the other hand, about 5.4% of Utah’s workforce are undocumented immigrants. They pay about $10 million in taxes each year both in local and state taxes with about $77 million in sales taxes from purchases in Utah. This means, illegal immigrant aren’t actually a burden on taxpayers but rather beneficial.

Economic contributions by the undocumented

Analysts do the math and prove that illegal immigrants are actually contributing about 5% to our economy without getting paid properly or receiving benefits such as health insurance and unemployment. The undocumented paid legally are paying social security without collecting benefits, therefore, their contributions mean more revenue for legal residents.  In other words, the presence of illegal immigrants can benefit the U.S. economy.

Criminal records & deportation

According to some studies, Utah spends nearly 53 million each year on criminal justice actions related to illegal immigration. Other studies show that  6 to 9% inmates in the state are illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration issues are costing Utah around $353 million per year.

Others argue that although deportation may seem the best solution for such a complicated problem, it’s actually not. Problematic offenders should be deported but not the innocent. Although policies generally target people with criminal records, many illegal immigrants with no criminal history are often subject to detention and deportation. Statistics clearly show that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants haven’t committed any offense that should prompt the deportation.

Protect yourself

Immigration can be a complex process. You should take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from deportation. Place your case in the hands of competent Salt Lake City immigration attorney who can assist you with any questions you may have regarding any complex immigration issues.

Perhaps the US government has already initiated your deportation. It’s never too late to ask for help as this process can be lengthy. There are many steps involved with the deportation, which includes your initial notice and several hearings until the judge orders the removal and the illegal immigrant leaves the country. If the individual is accused of having committed a crime, the Department of Homeland Security is required to detain the undocumented during the immigration proceedings.

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