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Read below our client testimonials and attorney endorsements about our firm and attorneys. also look at what are our happy customer say about us.
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Happy Customers are What Keep Us Going

“Congratulations on your recent feature in Utah Business magazine and for your being named one of their ‘30 Women to Watch.’ Your winning drive and exceptional performance have put you in elite company. You are setting the standard that others are trying to reach.”

A. Scott Anderson,

President and CEO,

Zions Bank.

Michaels Berger

Esq America Trial Lawyer

“Highly intelligent, motivated, ethical and experienced; all factors which she brings to work every day. Ms. Cardenas comes from a family of lawyers and judges and holds her profession in the highest esteem and reflects that esteem in her work.”

“I was on the verge of deportation due to a removal warrant from the judge. I was in jail waiting to be deported back to my country of Tonga. My wife hired Gloria to see if she could bail me out of my bad situation. Gloria worked her butt off and took care of my removal warrant. Gloria took care of the problem just in time and she saved my life. Now I am living in America with my family because I hired Familia America to take care of my immigration status for me. I strongly recommend Gloria to anyone that needs help with their immigration status.”



A. Mojica


“After all my frustration there is peace and calm and now I am very happy because I finally get to accomplish all of the things and dreams I had in mind. I give many thanks to the Lawyer for making this dream come true and to all of the people that help her.”

“I highly value the professional and personal support I have received from you in every part of this gratifying and learning experience.”

Eduardo Arnal Palomera,

Eduardo Arnal Palomera,

Former Consulado De Mexico en Salt Lake City Utah.

Kelly Ann Booth,

Criminal Defense Attorney,

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I highly recommend hiring Gloria to help you with your immigration case. I have seen Gloria work magic to help her clients. She is brilliant and knows how to get results. Gloria doesn’t just try-she succeeds! I have worked with Gloria on dozens of cases to win our client’s freedom. Call her today!!! Best decision you will ever make.”

“Everyone was so happy [ with me getting a green card,] especially my family here and there in the Philippines. Finally, I could go back home after 13 years.”





“Gloria and her team guided me successfully through the process to become a US citizen in a very professional way and took all of the pressure off me. I moved her to the US from Switzerland a few years ago and now I can enjoy to stay here forever.”

“We are Peruvian Nationals who came to the U.S. for a better life. We were victims of a crime in the U.S. when we tried to sell our car and were kidnapped. I asked the police department if they would sign the U Visa Certification, and they said no. Then Gloria called the police officer directly and after this telephone call wherein Gloria explained our ase in detailed, the police officer said he would sign the U Visa Certification. My wife and I were so happy because we know that this had to sign to allow us to apply for a U Visa.”

Palomino Family




“I want to tell everyone what an aggressive, smart, and responsible immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas of Familia America. I first met Gloria while I was incarcerated in Salt Lake City, Utah facing criminal charges for theft. She visited me in jail and told me that she would do everythings she could for me. My family hired her to see if she could get me out of jail and assist me in staying the United States. She did just that. She worked with the public defender to provide her with with an alternative plea that would allow me to have a chance to stay in the U.S. and fight in immigration court. She also worked directly with my father’s immigration attorney because his status was very important to my relief in immigration court. When my criminal case was over, I was transferred to ICE custody, and Gloria negotiated a bond for me with the ICE officers while I filed for relief in immigration court. Now, my immigration case is over, immigration cannot deport me. I have a future in the U.S. Thank you to Gloria and her entire staff for believing in me and defending me. I would hire Gloria Cardenas. She will fight for you.”