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Happy Customers are What Keep Us Going

“Gloria and her legal team were responsive, competent and effective in helping my wife – an environmental attorney and Brazilian citizen – secure legal permanent residence status here in the United States. The time table she laid out worked exactly as planned and her support in preparing us for the various process steps was extremely helpful. I’m convinced that the level of detail that her team provided in our (2) USCIS applications coupled with us being prepared for our interviews are the main reasons for this success.”


“My journey ended last week when I finally obtained my green card after many years. When I met with Gloria, she told me that it my visa was current because we could use the visa date of my wife’s country of origin to apply for my green card now. We applied, but the USCIS denied my application because they said that we could not use my wife’s country. I was devastated. But Gloria was not. She filed an Appeal and fought for my green card, and we won! I highly recommend Gloria as your immigration attorney. She will do everything that she can to help you to get status in the U.S.”


“I am writing this review regarding our families experience with Familia America. I met my wife about 10 years ago fell in love and married her. We combined our families and within 8 years of marriage we now have 10 grandchildren. Imagining the repercussions of her without proper proof of legal status here in the United States was always a huge concern to us both. She was heartbroken constantly worries about losing her children and grandchildren who reside here. Her past was enveloped by constant abuse by one who should be the protector. She came here for the hope of a new beginning.

Our daughter for some reason felt she needed to move forward and pursue possible options for acquiring legal status. She made contact with Familia America and we came in and met Gloria. From the very beginning their professional abilities were apparent. We met Abby and were very impressed by her knowledge and understanding as to the series of event which would need to take place in order for them to be considered legal here in the U.S. We had several meetings with Abby which concluded with all necessary forms and applications present and in order. The application was then sent in and the waiting period began.

My wife and daughter have now received the necessary paperwork to acquire a Social security number and have started their wait for legal residency status. Our lives have been dramatically changed. My wife and daughter are no longer fearful when they go out. They are so filled with hope and happiness and are excited about this new beginning.

Thank you Abby and Gloria, Jackie and Familia America.

This was not just another usual application. You have changed our lives and this will never be forgotten. Our family has been made whole again.”


“I am an Active Duty Service Member. I married a Mexican national that crossed without inspection. We considered other attorneys, however I couldn’t get a clear answer as to how the process worked. The attorney at Familia America guided us through the process and told us what to expect. It was only then when we realized that we were missing a lot of documentation. Once the process began, it kept going and we maintained constant contact even after we moved to Maryland. We didn’t think twice about seeking a new attorney once we arrived in Maryland.

I could have filed most of the forms on my own, however, it was the time that I didn’t have that led to our decision to utilize the services at Familia America. Thank you for your services.”


“I met my wife through work in 2012. She is a Venezuelan citizen. After we were married, Gloria and Familia America helped us navigate the process of applying for permanent residency for my wife. They made what would have been a very confusing endeavor straightforward and simple. Familia America provided honest, professional advice, and they clearly stated the processes we needed to follow. My wife and I will be using Familia America again for any of our future needs concerning immigration.”