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If you find your self in trouble with the law, you can apply for a waiver so that your criminal record will not taint your chances of getting your green card or your citizenship. Call 801-656-9605 to speak with our Taylorsville visa waiver attorney at Familia America Immigration.
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The dream of living and being in the United States is obtainable with hard, work, patience, and perseverance. It takes a long time to get the process complete, but it is well worth the wait. However, there are very strict guidelines that one must follow while they wait for their green cards or visas to get approved. For example, as you wait for your green card you are not allowed to work. This is very hard to comply with because sometimes green cards can take up to two to five years to be approved. Then, when you have your green card there are more rules to follow if you intend to get your citizenship through naturalization. For example, you can only have a limited amount of misdemeanors on your record, and if you have felonies you need to have them cleared two to five years before you apply for citizenship again.

Our Visa Waiver Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Taylorsville understand that just because you emigrated to the United States does not mean that you are not human. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we would never plan on being in if it not for lack of financial resources. We are not advocating or condoning unlawful behaviors. Instead, what we mean is that we understand that we are all human and all humans make mistakes; even those who are new to our country.

Our Visa Waiver Attorneys also recognize that some countries have different laws that the united states. Some behaviors in one country are supported by the culture in that country. The United States is very different. We boast about being leaders of the free world, but there are still many rules and regulations that a citizen must abide by. For example, the legal age to drink is 18 years old in most international countries in South America, Central America, Mexico, and Canada. The United States is 21 years old. We are also very strict on drunk driving and being drunk in public.

Let’s pretend that you are waiting for your green card. While you are waiting you go out with some friends and you all start to drink. While drinking you go outside with your America friend. They start a fight with someone being rude to them and as you try to break it up the police are called. Even though you were trying to help you are now in trouble for being drunk in public. If you find your self in trouble with the law, you may be at risk of deportation, losing your green card, or is labeled inadmissible.

Finding a Visa Waiver Attorney can help ensure that your criminal record does not make you inadmissible. You can apply for a waiver so that your criminal record will not taint your chances of getting your green card or your citizenship. However, you can’t just apply, you also have to show that you deserve the waiver. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to speak with our Visa Waiver Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Taylorsville. We are here to help you mend your mistakes.