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Taylorsville Victim Visa Attorney

When you are new to a country, it is beyond disorienting and emotional. On the one hand you are incredible joyful to start a new journey, but on the other hand, you miss your home country and are second guessing your strength to start over again. Moving to a new place where you don’t know the language can be very challenging until you start to get the hang of it. But until then, it can feel as if you are lost.

Imagine working so hard to save in order to leave your home country to come and try your luck in the United States. You are alone, maybe with some family that you have never met with before, and you are trying to make it out as a waitress to become an independent adult. Then while you are coming home from work, you are accosted by strangers. They hold you at gun point and demand for your tip money. The one who is holding you begins to grope you as well. Not only are you a victim of robbery, but also sexual assault.

As a noncitizen you are nervous to call the police because you are scared to be questioned about your status in the United States. Thankfully this is not a problem anymore regardless if you are a woman or a man. In 1994, Violence Against Women Act, VAWA, was passed to protect noncitizen women who were victims of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, molestation, stalking or non sexual crimes like robbery, bribery, and labor and wage violations. This act was to protect women who were willing to help policemen investigate their situation as well as others.

If you are a victim of a crime then you have the right to apply for a U-Visa. This visa helps protect you from deportation and can act asa gateway to citizenship. The requirements of a U-Visa are

  • As a victim of a crime you must have suffered extreme physical or mental abuse as a result of the crime. You must prove that you were physically and/or mentally abused by showing pictures as well as documents from doctors with their expert opinion
  • The victim must have information about the criminal activity whether it be big or small, you must have some connection to what happened to you
  • Once you provide information to the police you must be helpful to the police in finding your perpetrator. This can be proven by showcasing your good relationship with those on the police force
  • Crime that you suffered must actually be against United States Law

Once you are approved a U-Visa, you may be able to use to cover your children or other family members as they may be dependent on you. Then a U-Visa can also be used to start a path to citizenship. If you are a victim of a crime, call our Victim Visa Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Taylorsville to start a conversation today, 801-656-9605 or click here. We can help you find balance after the chaos and we work aggressively to protect you while you heal from a horrific incident.