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Taylorsville Citizenship Attorney

Those who have never had to deal with the immigration, have no idea the hardship, sweat, and tears that go into the process of getting a green card let alone citizenship. Over 1 million emigrate to the United States every year, but not everyone gets to call themselves a citizen. It takes a long time, finances, and perseverance to get to this level of residence.

Our Citizenship Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Taylorsville want to be the first to welcome you on your journey to citizenship. We believe that everyone does a chance to obtain their dream. If this means becoming a citizen then we will make sure that your application is as accurate and robust as it needs to be in order to get your approval.

Who Can Become A Citizen?

Anyone can be become a citizen, but you have to be willing to follow the proper procedures, wait the long time periods, and be able to financially withstand all the application and filing fees. America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but it is also a money game, and by hiring a Citizenship Attorney, we can ensure that you are not wasting money on wrong applications, filing late, or re-applying due to missing information.

Those who are applying for citizenship have already been a green card holder for at least five years and 18 years or older. The citizenship process begins after you fill an Application for Naturalization and have provided documentation that proves you have lived in the United States for five years without leaving for extended periods of time. Alongside your residency and green card, you must not have any criminal infractions on your record for at least three to five yours before your start the citizenship process.

Once the citizenship process begins, you must start getting prepared for the immigration test and interview. For this you must be familiar with the United States Constitution, basic history, and be prepared to a take a civics exam. This must all be done in English. This means that over the five years you have spent as a Green Card holder in this country, you must also have learned to speak and write in English. Once all is said an done, then you will take an oath to become citizen of the United States.

What To Do

Even though the process seems clean cut and simple, it most often isn’t. We understand that you have lived a life and are currently living one. Maybe you were married via a K-1 visa and now you are divorced. Maybe you have some criminal infractions on your record? Maybe you left the country without knowing for too long? These are all situations that make you human, not ineligible for citizenship. If you are looking to start your citizenship soon then please call 801-656-9605 or click here to speak with our Citizenship Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Taylorsville. With over 26 years of experience, our attorneys have seen it all. Let us help you succeed because we believe that everyone deserves a place at our country’s table.