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Preparing for Your Salt Lake City USCIS Naturalization Interview

If you are getting ready for your naturalization interview at the Salt Lake City, Utah, USCIS office, you are likely experiencing a mix of excitement and apprehension. The process can be a bit intimidating and scary and is best undertaken with the help of our Salt Lake City green card attorney. This post can help you to better prepare for your interview and ease some of your worries about your interview.

Before the Interview

Prior to your interview, you can expect to receive an appointment notice, Form I-797C Notice of Action. It will have the title “Request for Applicant to Appear for Naturalization Initial Interview.” Included with this document will be a Naturalization Interview Document Checklist; pay special attention to this checklist, since it will tell you exactly what you need to bring with you when you go for your interview.

Be certain that your name is the name listed on the forms you receive. Take note of the day and time of the interview and the address where the interview will occur. Keep in mind, as indicated on the notice, if you fail to appear at the interview, your application for naturalization will be automatically denied. Bring these forms with you to the appointment along with:

  • A government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, current passport or green card
  • Tax returns for the previous five years
  • Marriage license, if applicable
  • Birth certificates for children, if applicable
  • Proof of any child support payments you make, if you are court-ordered to do so
  • Any criminal-related documentation if you have been involved in criminal proceedings

The Day of the Interview

Arrive early, but no more than 30 minutes before your interview time as indicated in the notice you received. Keep in mind that arriving early does not mean that your interview will be held early; in most cases, interviews are not on time and some may occur long after the scheduled appointment time.

Once you arrive in the waiting room, it is a good idea to wait for your attorney prior to placing your notice in the box at the interview window. There is a slight chance that if you don’t wait for your attorney to arrive you may end up going into the interview alone. When your interviewer is ready for you, the interviewing officer will open one of the doors in the waiting room and call your name. The interview will take place in the interviewer’s office; no one other than your attorney (or if needed, an interpreter) will be permitted to go into the interview with you.

There are two parts to the interview: an exam showing that you can read, write and speak the English language and a civics exam make up part one. Part two involves reviewing Form N-400, your naturalization application, to make any updates.

If you pass the exam and are eligible for naturalization based on your application, you will receive a notice that lets you know where your oath ceremony will take place, or form N-445, formalizing your naturalization as a US citizen.

If you need help applying for citizenship or permanent legal residency, contact our Salt Lake City green card attorney now. The team at Familia America Immigration can guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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