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It is tough to decide what to bring when discussing your case with the attorney. We advised that bring your all documents, for a victim of a crime, please bring a copy of the police report(s), and all documents related to the crime.
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What To Bring And Who To Bring

First time consultations. Interested in an appointment with Gloria Cardenas?

Please call the office and schedule a consultation. Please note there is a $100.00 consultation fee, and if you retain Ms.Cardenas this fee will be applied to the legal fees in your case.

Her intake team will ask you many important facts and dates and it is helpful that you attempt to remember all important dates. In preparing for the consultation, it is helpful to compile useful documentation. This will make the consultation a more effective meeting, as Ms.Cardenas will be able to fully understand and analyze your case.
Please bring to the consultation all immigration documentation. Examples may include permanent resident cards, passports, work permits, correspondence from the Department of Homeland Security, applications, etc. If you are or have been in removal proceedings before the Immigration Court, please bring the Notice to Appear, which is the immigration charging document. If a family member’s immigration status is relevant to your case, please bring the family member’s documents. An example might be a spouse or parent’s certificate of Citizenship or resident card. When in doubt as to what to bring, it is better to bring everything. The attorney will decide what is relevant. If you have a criminal record, it is extremely important to bring all arrest reports, charging documents, and dispositions. Please bring all criminal records, even if the case was of a minor nature or dismissed.

If you or your loved one is a victim of a crime, please bring a copy of the police report(s), and all documents related to the crime, and medical attention that you may have received.

All cases are entitled to confidentiality. Ms.Cardenas will allow only immediate family members into the office to take part in the consultation. While we love children, we respectfully ask that you do not bring small children to the law office as it is takes away from the seriousness of the consultation, and limits the ability to convey and understand important life changing information and advice.