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Salt Lake City Visa Attorney

The process of obtaining a visa or immigration status at any immigration office, either Salt Lake City, California or at a Consulate abroad is not easy. It involves more than just signing a few documents. Immigration laws governing the entry of foreign nationals into the United States are complex for even the average American citizen. For a foreign national, it often takes outside help to obtain a work-based or family-based visa. My name is Gloria Cardenas and I am a Salt Lake City visa application assistance attorney. The immigration legal team at Familia America understands the challenges and obstacles that often face those applying for a visa. Our law office can provide a variety of visa resources and advantages to help make the process easier. For 26 years, I have helped countless foreign nationals achieve their dream of working and living in a country with unlimited opportunities.

Why You Need A Salt Lake City Visa Application Assistance Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is failing to hire an experienced immigration attorney for visa application assistance. Although there is no law requiring visa applicants to hire a lawyer, It can often make the difference between receiving an employment visa on time or getting denied. Choosing to handle these cases alone can often lead to crucial mistakes that can delay the process. It is important to understand which visa is needed and to complete the appropriate documentation.

Providing Effective Visa Application Assistance Solutions

Before a person can obtain an employment or family visa in Salt Lake City, it is important for them to understand the process. The team at Familia America places a high priority on educating the client and placing their best interests firsts. The first step is to determine whether the applicant is likely to be approved. Unlike many Salt Lake City visa application assistance attorneys, I utilize the latest technology to help clients gain easy access. The immigration law offices at Familia America allows clients to communicate with us digitally by telephone, email, text, Skype and Google Hangouts. It allows our team of visa professionals the ability to process your application in real time without having to leave your home or office. Here is how we can help:

  • Properly obtain, prepare and submit visa documentation
  • Provide comprehensive research and advisement to minimize any delays
  • Significantly increase a visa applicant’s likelihood for approval


When it comes to processing visa applications in Salt Lake City, there are no shortcuts. Every question or concern must be addressed. Our legal team researches each case thoroughly to ensure there are no loose ends. Whether you are an employer seeking assistance to obtain a work visa for a foreign national or an individual trying to bring a family member into the country, the law offices of Familia America can help.

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Hiring the right immigration visa attorney can be extremely beneficial. Gloria Cardenas brings 26 years of experience as a Salt Lake City visa applications assistance attorney to help clients achieve results. She and her team of legal professionals at Familia America work diligently with clients and behind the scenes to help place each client in the best position to succeed. If you require visa application assistance in Salt Lake City, contact the law offices of Familia America to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.