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Salt Lake City Same Sex Immigration Attorney

Immigration Solutions for Same-Sex Couples

The legal team at Familia America strongly believes in the equal treatment of all of our clients. Salt Lake City same sex immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas and her entire staff are personally committed to supporting you and your immigration goals. We warmly welcome members of the LGBT community to our office and zealously represent your unique challenges in the immigration process. We believe that every person deserves fair treatment by the US immigration system, regardless of his or her sexual orientation.

Protecting The Rights of LGBT Clients In Salt Lake City

On Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) as being unconstitutional. The result of this ruling means that USCIS and the US Immigration authorities will no longer discriminate against lawfully married same-sex couples seeking a “green card” for a non-US Citizen or non-LPR spouse. Despite the recent action of the US Supreme Court striking down DOMA and thereby allowing same-sex partners of US Citizens and Permanent Residents to obtain “Green Cards” there remain unique issue facing LGBT couples. Mr. Cardenas is highly familiar with these issues and how to resolve them.

We are experienced and can handle these issues: Applications and Petitions for married same-sex couples, step-children of married same-sex couples, fiance visa petitions based upon same-sex relationships, VAWA petitions based upon same sex marriage to a USC citizen, representation of individuals in deportation and removal proceedings, and representing individuals seeking asylum based on their sexuality.

How a Salt Lake City Same Sex Immigration Attorney Can Help

One of the great benefits of working and living in the United States is the ability to enjoy freedoms many Americans often take for granted. The legal team at Familia America works diligently to help clients achieve the dream of working and living in the United States. We can also assist with the application of Green Cards along with helping immigrants accomplish the ultimate goal of becoming a naturalized American citizen.

Each step to achieving the American Dream requires hard work from both the client and our legal team. Together, we are committed to helping each client the best possible results. We assist both companies and individuals who are looking to obtain a work or family-based visa.