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Salt Lake City Headquartered Green Card Attorney

Countless families throughout the country have relatives living abroad with dreams of building a better life in the United States. To live and work in the United State without restrictions, it is important to obtain a green card. But acquiring a green card is not easy. It is important to have an immigration lawyer on your side to help apply or gain residence in the United States. My name is Gloria Cardenas and I am a Salt Lake City green card attorney. The immigration legal team at Familia America are committed to helping families find the best solutions to apply or obtain residency in the United States for themselves and members of their family.

Who Is Eligible To Obtain A Green Card In Salt Lake City?

Obtaining a green card can be a complicated process. However, with help from an experienced lawyer, the applicant is in a far better position. For family-based green cards, immediate relatives fall into the following categories:

  • The spouse of an American citizen
  • Unmarried children (under 21) of an American citizen
  • Parents of an American citizen (21 and older)

One of the common myths of green cards is that an immediate family member will receive their visa with the approval of an I-130 Petition. However, additional documents will need to be filed.

Bringing Families Together in Salt Lake City

A green card allows immigrants to travel to the United States and live and work in the country without restrictions. Utah is home to many immigrants who are living the American Dream. Many have family members in their native countries who have goals of achieving the same. U.S. immigration law is designed to encourage family reunification. To help bring more families in Salt Lake City together, the legal team at Familia America places an emphasis on educating clients to provide the best legal options and to place them in the best position to succeed. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are exempt from quotas and have the fastest path to obtain lawful residence in the United States. However, not all cases are the same.

As Salt Lake City family-based visa attorney for 26 years, I have helped countless men and women obtain the green card needed to join their families in the United States and realize their dreams for a better life. Green cards are most commonly acquired through two methods:

  • An American employer can sponsor an immigrant for employment-based green card.
  • An American citizen family member can sponsor a spouse or a family member for a family-based green card.

Depending on the circumstances of the petitioner, obtaining a green card can be a time consuming process. It is crucial to select a Salt Lake City green card attorney with the experience, knowledge and legal resource to help clients achieve the best results. In some cases, wait times are outside the control of the applicant and the attorney. Unlike employment-based applications, there is no ability to pay for an expedited family-based application process.

Contact a Salt Lake City Green Card Attorney Today

The improper filing of documents can bring severe consequences when applying for a green card. It is vital to select a Salt Lake City green card attorney with a track record of looking out for the best interest of each client. If you are seeking a green card for an employee or family member, contact the legal team at Familia America and schedule a consultation today.