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Our team at FAMILIA AMERICA, LLC., are extremely experienced in this process and have successfully processed immigrant visas in numerous consulate offices and embassies.
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Consular Processing 100% Approval

We have an almost 100% approval of all of our consulate cases in the past 10 years.  Let us tell you why. We know that you are nervous and considering hiring an immigration attorney. For good reason, we think you need one.

Many immigrants must obtain his/her lawful permanent residency visa from the United States Consulates and Embassies abroad.  This involves working with the Department of State, and coordination between this agency and the Department of Homeland Security is often critical. It is often times a frustrating and time wasting process if you don’t know what you are doing.   Submitting forms, pertinent information, and documents to the consulate are just a few things that need to be handled.  Biometrics, medical examination, and an interview at the consulate are all part of this process.

Our team at FAMILIA AMERICA, LLC., are extremely experienced in this process and have successfully processed immigrant visas in numerous consulate offices and embassies.  We also do something very important.  Help our clients step by step by scheduling the medical examination, biometrics appointment, and preparing our clients for the interview, and what to bring to the interview.

Before you depart the United States, it is imperative that your immigration attorney had knowledge of your entire immigration and criminal history to assure that all the waivers have been processed or to let you know what to expect in the event that you need to file a waiver after the consulate interview.

This is where we shine. Making our clients and their family members feel secure in this  stressful process. We are a silent partner in your process, making it easier for you, and answering all your questions, no matter how small.

How Consular Processing Works

Many people don’t know what happens when you leave the United States to process at a consulate. It’s a frightening experience. You’re leaving your family. You’re leaving your job to go to the consulate to get your visa.

Unless your country does not have a US consulate (for example, Venezuela), 99% of the time must go to the consulate in the country that you are a national or a citizen. 

Once you are prepared to leave, you’re going to get a notice from the consulate of the date and time for your interview. How long this process takes depends on how busy the consulate is. If they have more officers and they’re less busy, processing could be faster. However, considering all of the time spent on all the documents, it usually takes about six months to get an interview after your visa application is filed to start consular processing. We let our clients know the wait times by printing out the government site information.  We want our clients to be realistic on the processing times

Also, you’ll need to have a current passport. If you leave and it’s not current, they’re not going to stamp your visa in that expired passport.

Once you’re outside the United States, you’ll perform the medical exam, do the fingerprints, which is a criminal background check, and attend the interview at the consulate.  When complete, it then takes a few days to a week on average after the interview to pick up your visa. So, plan to stay for at least 10 days.  

How the Team At Familia America Can Help With Consular Processing

The minute we get your interview notice, we will schedule the fingerprint and medical appointments for you.  Many law offices do not do that for you.  We do because it seems so easy but it is not and clients are usually nervous at this point.  The scheduling of these appointments is critical or a delay will happen maybe when you are out of the United States.  

Before you go to the consulate, our team will have the whole packet prepared. You will know exactly what to bring to the consulate. 

You will know what to expect and you will not feel nervous because you will be prepared by us, some of the most experienced immigration attorney/paralegal team in the United States to assist you with achieving your American Dream.  You will actually have a rewarding and exciting time during this process and you get to be relaxed in order to experience your home country for the first time in probably decades.  You will be able to see loved ones, and relatives all knowing that your attorney has your back and has prepared you for this process.  

It will be very rewarding for you and for us.