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Attorney Gloria Cardenas is a solo practitioner who focuses practice exclusively in the area of immigration law and visa cases. Contact now.
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To get the most out of your business, it takes a labor force of the most talented employees.

Many companies and corporations in Utah depend on foreign workers to provide the best quality of service and products. But to bring those employees to the United States, each worker will require an employment visa. The process of obtaining a temporary work visa can sometimes get complicated. To help simplify the process, the legal team at Familia America can provide effective legal solutions to help prospective employees obtain a work visa. My name is Gloria Cardenas and I am a Salt Lake City employment visa attorney. Together, our experienced team of legal professionals can work with you to help bring the workers needed to help your business achieve its potential.

Providingeffective solutions

Bringing workers to the United States is not always easy. The laws regarding immigration and employment visas are complex and constantly change.

Fortunately, an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City employment visa attorney can make the process much easier. For 26 years, I have helped countless foreign nationals obtain the appropriate employment visas needed to work in the United States. Over the years, I have seen many changes in immigration and visa policies. When choosing a legal professional, it is important to select an attorney committed to staying on top of the latest changes.

Why Choose Familia America?Here at Familia America, we take pride in utilizing a comprehensive and personable approach.

Few Salt Lake City employment visa attorneys and law offices can match our level of access and convenience. We always place the needs of the client first. It starts with effective communication. Our clients can reach us anytime digitally through phone, email and Skype. You may never need to leave your home or office to get the answers to all of your questions or needs.

When it comes to obtaining employment visas in Salt Lake City, there are no shortcuts. We always abide by the rules and laws regarding visas. Our job is to get results. That means we thoroughly research and complete all the necessary steps needed to help workers obtain their employment visa. Helping people achieve the dream of working and living in the United States is our passion. As the daughter of one of California’s first Mexican-American judges, I have personally witnessed the wonderful opportunities this country can provide for those seeking a better life.