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Consular Processing 100% Approval

We have a 100% approval of all of our consular processing cases in the past ten years. Let us tell you why. We know that you are nervous and considering hiring an immigration attorney. For a good reason, we think you need one. The COVID-19 Pandemic caused considerable delay in consular processing.  As a member of AILA, Ms. Cardenas has the specific resources and knowledge to assist her clients with delays in consular processing. 

Many immigrants must obtain their lawful permanent residency visa from the United States Consulates and Embassies abroad, which involves working with the Department of State, and coordination between this agency and the Department of Homeland Security. It is often a frustrating and time-wasting process if you don’t know what you are doing. Submitting forms, pertinent information, and documents to the consulate are just a few things that need to be handled professionally and timely.  Biometrics, medical examination, and an interview at the consulate are all part of this process.

Our team at Familia America, LLC., is highly extremely experienced in this process and has successfully processed immigrant visas in numerous U.S. consulate offices and embassies around the world.

However, we also do something very important. Help our clients step by step by scheduling the medical examination, the biometrics appointment, and preparing our clients for the interview, when it is scheduled.

Before you depart the United States, your immigration attorney show know your entire immigration and criminal history and review it with you.  The information will assure that all the waivers have been processed or let you know what to expect if you need to file a waiver after the consulate interview.

This is where we shine. Making our clients and their family members feel secure in this stressful process is what we do best. We are a partner in your process, making it easier for you, and answering all your questions, no matter how small.

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How Consular Processing Works

Many people don’t know what to expect when you attend an interview at the U.S. consulate or embassy. Many people are departing the United States for the first time in decades. Many are traveling great distances to attend their interview. No one is allowed to have an attorney in a U.S. consulate or embassy. It can be a frightening experience. We understand and thoroughly prepare our clients for their interviews.

Unless your country does not have an operating US consulate or embassy (for example, Venezuela), 90% of the time you must go to the consulate or embassy in the country where you are a national or a citizen. The team at Familia America can discuss all of the options of which U.S. embassy or consulate you may be able to schedule your interview.

How long this process takes depends on the visa wait times, proper and timely submission of documents and information, back ground checks, and case backlog and the staffing at each U.S. consulate or embassy. Once the U.S. government has advised you that all of your documents have been successfully received, you must simply wait for your interview notice. In pre-COVID times, this would usually take about six months to get an interview. Time frames vary, greatly, and we keep our clients apprised of the anticipate time frames. We want our clients to be realistic about on the processing times and we do everything we can to address delays caused by the U.S. government and unexpected worldwide events.

If you are starting this process, make sure your passport is up to date, and apply to renew it as soon as possible. Often times, the U.S. government will acknowledge an expired passport if country conditions prevent its nationals for seeking to renew a passport. This can be a complex issue, and our team can advise you on solutions. Because, of course, when your visa is issued, you will be receiving that in your foreign passport. There are exceptions, of course, especially if you are a refugee to the U.S.

Certain individuals, such as Canadian Nationals seeking a TN visa, may be able to apply for a visa at the U.S. border. This is a separate process and it is entirely different than consular processing.

When your visa is approved, you will be able to pick up your passport with the visa in it. It takes a few days to a week on average after the interview to pick up your visa. So, plan to stay for at least seven to ten days.

How the Team At Familia America Can Help With Consular Processing

The minute we get your interview notice, we will schedule the fingerprint and medical appointments for you. Many law offices do not do that for you. We do because it seems so easy, but it is not, and clients are usually nervous at this point. Scheduling these appointments is critical, a delay may happen when you are out of the United States.

Before you go to the consulate, our team will have the whole packet prepared. So you will know exactly what to bring to the consulate.  We know your entire immigration and criminal history (if any) and we are ready for your to get your residency!  If you need a waiver after a consulate interview, we can get that prepared ahead of time so that the delay may not be long.  If you can file for a waiver (for unlawful presence in the U.S. or because of a removal order), we can prepare, file and, hopefully get that approved before you depart the U.S.

You will know what to expect. You will not feel nervous because we will prepare you, some of the most experienced immigration attorney and paralegal team in the United States to assist you with achieving your American Dream. You will have a rewarding and exciting time during this process, and you get to relax and experience your home country for the first time in probably decades. In addition, you will be able to see loved ones and relatives all knowing that your attorney has your back and has prepared you for this process.

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Attorney Gloria Cardenas brings more than 30 years of experience in immigration law to help protect the rights of clients and their family members. She and her knowledgeable team at Familia America work diligently behind the scenes to help process fiancé visa applications as quickly as possible. To learn more, contact the legal professionals at Familia America in Salt Lake City and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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