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How you can bring your same-sex fiance to the United States?

Some people may find love while traveling abroad. Others will find the perfect partner online. As you spend more time with your significant other, you will realize that it’s all meant to be and the only thing left to do is taking your relationship to the next level! As wonderful as it might sound, this involves a complex legal process that you need to be prepared for. Salt Lake City immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas can explain and handle all the details involved in bringing your fiance to the USA.

Meet your Fiancé(e)

It’s very common these days for people to start a relationship online. In this type of scenario, you will have to meet your fiancé(e) in person as the United States government will demand proof that you actually met before granting the visa. There are a few exceptions such as religious reasons or some circumstances such as health problems that may have prevented the encounter. These exceptional circumstances may qualify to grant the visa without meeting in person. This is the first step and also a beneficial one for the relationship. Remember you will invest a lot of time and money during the whole process. It’s wise you meet the person before taking such a big step. Think twice and thrice.

Gather important documents

You need to gather important information that proves that your relationship is legit and you have met within the last two years otherwise the visa may not be granted. Some useful information includes recent photos of you together, passport stamps, airplane tickets, chats, emails, love letters, hotel receipts, or any other document that may prove your relationship is valid. You also need to prove your citizenship with either your US Passport, Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate.

File a fiance petition

There are some forms that need to be submitted to USCIS:

  • Form I-129F – Petition for Alien Fiancé
  • Form G-325A – Biographic Information with evidence supporting the validity of the relationship and passport photo. Also, a $340 money order made out to the DHS needs to be included

Although you don’t need a Salt Lake City immigration attorney when filing a petition, it’s advised you hire one who is familiar with these complex forms.

The process

It may take around five months or more for all the documents to be processed. When the petition is approved, the USCIS turns the case to the National Visa Center where in conjunction with the US. Consulate they will organize the rest of the process. Remember each consulate is different but the steps are more or less the same. There are general questions about employment, criminal records, etc. that need to be answered in form DS160. You will also need to obtain a police certificate that proves there are no criminal records, submit a medical exam, and proof of income.

Last but not least, your fiancé(e) will attend and interview at the US Consulate where questions about your relationship will be asked: how you met if you are planning to marry, and evidence that supports your case. If the visa gets approved your fiancé(e) can come to the United States and get married within 90 days. It’s very important to start the adjustment of the status process as soon as you get married.

There are many important documents that need to be submitted. You may want to consult a Salt Lake City immigration attorney as this can be a lengthy and complicated process when handled on your own.

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