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How To Get My Green Card Without An Interview : The Importance Of A Well Prepared Immigration Application

In October 2022, The Biden Administration has a policy of waiving the green card interview for family based immigration petitions if the application is well prepared and, most importantly, the applicant has a right to adjust status in the United States.  A family immigration attorney with expertise in this area is invaluable.  No one wants to go to an immigration interview.  Now is your time to take advantage of the policy and it is likely that you will get your green card application approved without going to an interview.  Since October 2022, 99.5% of the adjustment of status applications that were filed by Familia America have been approved without an interview!  You are in good hands with Ms. Cardenas whether you live near her offices in Salt Lake City, Utah or San Jose, California or live anywhere in the United States.  We are here to represent you.  What makes the chances so high for you?  Here are some tips.

Do I have a right to Adjust Status in the U.S. or do I have to go to the Consulate or Embassy outside the U.S. to get my green card?

The short answer is that most people who last entered the U.S. with permission, either with a visa, or parole, or being waved into the U.S. in plain sight in a car through a port of entry an adjust status in the U.S.  Most of these people are immediate family members, mothers, fathers, spouses, and children of United States Citizens or lawful permanent residents.  The first step in having the opportunity to adjust status without an  interview is determining if you are one of those people that are legally eligible to receive your green card in the U.S.   You don’t want to throw your money away and file for adjust status only to be denied.  The U.S. government will not return your filing fees.  Time and money is lost.  On the other hand, if the law is on your side, you should and can file to adjust status in the United States and you may very well get your green card in the mail without an interview.  Ms. Cardenas and her team have helped thousands of people get their green cards in the U.S. and over 96% of her clients have received their green cards without an interview since 2022.  You could be one of them?

When Should I Hire a Family Based Immigration Attorney?

When it comes to hiring an immigration lawyer, the sooner the better! An experienced immigration lawyer will evaluate your individual case and provide key insights into your options.

Immigration is federal law, and that means Ms. Cardenas can represent you even if you live in Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, New York City, New York, Las Vegas, Nevada, or Salt Lake City, Utah.  A well prepared immigration petition is critical to your success. Once the attorney knows that you can file for adjustment of status, an experienced attorney will prepare your application professionally.  Sure, someone can prepare the forms themselves, but Immigration Petitions are much more than the forms, it is the supporting documentation and evidence that is critical to success.  Want a work permit or the opportunity to travel outside the U.S. and back during the application process?   Ms. Cardenas and her team can prepare these applications that can be filed with the adjustment of status application.  Yes, you may be able to travel to see friends and family that you may not have seen in years, even if you are undocumented!  Imagine it.  The Familia America team are experts in well prepared applications and are very successful. With an advocate on your side, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

What makes my application for my green card approvable without an interview?

Familia America and Ms. Cardenas has extensive experience and success.  Here are the top things that immigration officers look for to approve the application without an interview:

  1. Does the law permit this person to adjust status in the U.S.?  If no, then the application will be denied.  All your money is lost and you have to start all over.
  2. Do I have the documents and information that is indicated on the application forms?  If not, then the immigration office will send a Request for Evidence or an Intent to Deny your application.  This causes delays and oftentimes, without an attorney, people miss the deadlines or do not respond with the correct documents and the application is denied.
  3. Did the applicant file a sealed medical examination with the application?  If not, the immigration office will send a request for the medical examination, or may send the file to the local office, and schedule an interview to bring the medical examination to the interview.  This will cause delay, and the stress of attending an interview.
  4. Did the applicant disclose any criminal incidents, or immigration history?  If not, an interview will likely be scheduled.  You can avoid an interview if you accurately disclose your criminal and immigration history.  We always know what your immigration record is because we prepare a request to the U.S. government called a FOIA and we know everything that is in your immigration file as if we were the U.S. government officials.  It is your right to know and we always work to explain it all to the officials in an accurate manner such that it should not prevent you from obtaining your green card.  And without an interview if you make a choice an hire Ms. Cardenas and her team.

If you have any questions and you want to get your green card without interview, contact Ms. Cardenas and the team at Familia America for the information you need.

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