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You can become a lawful permanent resident (a green card holder) in the United States in 3-6 months!  2024 is your year. Your year to finally get your green card, live without fear, and work and travel freely in the U.S., and finally take that trip to your home country after so many years. Can you imagine seeing your extended family that you have waited years to be reunited with is within your grasp?   

President Biden’s administration has made the process of becoming a lawful permanent resident (“a green card”) in the U.S. based upon a family member petition fast.  The USCIS has implemented a policy to waive an immigration interview in the United States for family-based green card applications that are filed correctly and supported with the proper documentation and immigration medical examination. We know that since 2021, 96% of our clients seeking their green card in the United States have not had an immigration interview.  

Immigration is federal law, and immigration attorneys can represent clients from all 50 states!  That is right, Ms. Cardenas is licensed in California and practices immigration law exclusively in all 50 states.  She has a proven successful track record for the past 31 years and represents clients from California, New York, Utah, Texas, Arizona, and many other states and from numerous countries. Many of her clients live in other countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, France, and Argentina. 

Hire the best, Hire Someone who will take the stress out of the process.  That is Gloria Cardenas and her team at Familia America.

Act Now Before It's Too Late  

Can you imagine NOT having to go to an immigration interview and face questions by an immigration officer?  Can you believe that it is possible to file and one day open your mail and see your green card?  All of your dreams will have come true.  Friends, it is a reality.  Working with Gloria Cardenas and her team at Familia America is the key to getting your green card without an immigration interview. 

Now is the time to act.  If a Republican becomes the President in 2025, these pro-immigrant policies will VANISH.  Not only will interviews be implemented again for everyone even if you have been married for decades with 4 children, but processing times will become very long, like 18-24 months long! 

Did I mention the backlogs that will happen at the U.S. consulate and Embassies abroad in 2025 if we elect a Republican President?

Right now, it takes about a year to get an interview at the consulate for your green card after you submit the documents to the National Visa Center.  The Biden Administration has worked tirelessly since the COVID-19 pandemic to get through the backlog.  

No one can have an attorney present in the U.S. consulates and embassy for their client’s interview.  However, Ms. Cardenas will prepare you and your family members prior to the interview, and prepare the medical examination and biometrics appointments, and provide you with a complete package. You will be ready and prepared! 

Top 10 Tips to Quickly Obtain a Family-Based Green Card

  1. File a complete application and attach all of the required documents so that the immigration office does not send a Request for Evidence. That delays your case.
  2. ALWAYS mail the application to the right office. The USCIS.gov website has all of this information. Some applications can be filed on line! 
  3. Send the application with a table of contents/list of documents/Index of documents and separate the attached documents with a bright-colored piece of paper that makes it easy for the immigration officer to find them.
  4. Send a sealed Medical Examination with the application. DO NOT open it. 
  5. Pictures are fine, but what is more important is your and your family member’s personal statements and commingling of assets, such as joint bank accounts, joint utility bills, joint taxes returns, and statements from family and friends who know you.  
  6. Send the application with a waiver -Form 601, if you need to be forgiven for a criminal conviction, health issue, or for past misrepresentation or fraud made to a U.S. immigration official.  
  7. When you get your biometrics appointment (fingerprints), make sure you make this appointment.  If you don’t it will delay your case. 
  8. File the Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) with a complete copy of the most recent Federal Tax returns.  File a copy of the tax return with all of the supporting documentation like W-2s and 1099.
  9. If you need a Co-Sponsor, file Form I-864 for the Co-Sponsor, include proof of the Co-Sponsor’s U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residency, and all supporting documentation. Family or close friends usually help! 
  10. If you have to attend an Immigration interview, arrange your documents ahead of time, be on time, and only answer the questions of the officer.  Remember, they are not your friend.  They only have a job to do and that is to clarify any questions that they have.  So be prepared and ready to answer specific questions about your life and the life of your family member.   

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Don't let the uncertainty of the legal process bog you down and put your dreams on hold. With Gloria Cardenas and her dedicated team at Familia America, you're not just a case number, but a valued individual with hopes and dreams deeply rooted in American soil.

Act now, and start your journey towards a worry-free future. Let's seize the opportunity while the policies are still favorable. Contact us today and book an appointment today. Remember, every journey begins with a single step. Make this one yours!

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