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Finding love overseas

Perhaps you are one of those adventurers who like to explore the world in 80 days. From starry nights to desert picnics, the friendship has escalated to the next level and the only thing left to do is to make it official. Or maybe you came across Mr. or Ms. Right online and after a thousand chats and video encounters, you have decided to meet this person and explore the possibility of long-term commitment. You know this is the right thing to do and in spite your mother’s advice and pet’s abandonment looks, your search for happiness just went global.

Although romance can be charming, it’s also a good thing having your feet on the ground. In other words, there are legal issues that need to be considered if you want your fiancé(e) to come live with you. Does that involve paperwork? Unfortunately, yes. In spite of our best efforts to save the planet we aren’t 100% wireless yet. But there is good news. A Salt Lake City fiance visa attorney can handle all the legalities while you are free to pursue uninterrupted romance.

First things first

Your fiancé(e) is not your wife or husband yet even if you married abroad. He or she needs to apply to be admitted to the United States with some pretty strict laws you may not be familiar with. If there are children involved, the process becomes more complicated. Right now, your fiancé(e) and children 21 years of age or younger are granted a 45 day k-2 visa . This is plenty of time to get married in the United States.

The process

If you have met this person online, you must first visit him or her otherwise you won’t be able to bring him or her to the United States. You will have to provide documentation that you have already met. It’s common sense. How can you marry someone that you haven’t even met in person? Immigration authorities may get suspicious and think you are one of those criminals marrying foreigners for money. The more documents you provide to prove your relationship, the better. Some documents may include photos, airline tickets, hotel receipts, and so on. Just make sure your relationship is solid enough before you visit your potential bride or groom.

Bringing your spouse

If you are a United States citizen you have two options to bring your spouse:

  • IR1 or CR1 – These are the immigrant visas available for the spouse of a US citizen. You may also need Form I-130
  • K-3 – This is nonimmigrant visa is issued in the country where you got married. This will allow the spouse to travel to the United States, marry the U.S. citizen and complete the immigration visa. Petitions I-130 and Form I-129 will also be required

Bringing your fiancé(e)

You may bring your fiancé(e) to the US with the K-1. This is a nonimmigrant visa for the fiancé(e). You will also need the 129F fiancé(e) petition.

Your Salt Lake City fiance visa attorney

If you are a United States citizen who found happiness overseas and would love to make it more official by marrying the foreigner, contact Salt Lake City fiance visa attorney Gloria Cardenas and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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