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Denied Green Card? Sue the US Government For Violating Immigration Laws

Did the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services deny your lawful permanent residence status (green card)? Do not worry, it is not the end of the world, as you can still sue the US government for violating your immigrant rights.

That is what multiple immigrant rights advocates did a few weeks ago. Our green card attorney at the Familia America Immigration law firm reviewed the class action lawsuit against officials of the USCIS and US Department of Homeland Security.

TPS holders at risk of deportation under the Trump administration

The lawsuit, filed in a federal district court in New York, could have a ripple effect nationwide and subsequently allow tens or hundreds of thousands of immigrants to gain lawful permanent resident status.

In the class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are suing the US government for its alleged “unlawful” practices against holders of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) visas. Our best green card attorney explain that a TPS visa is given to citizens of certain designated foreign countries that have suffered from civil wars, natural disasters, and other major disruptions. The special temporary immigration status is given to foreigners whose lives and safety is in danger if they return to their countries. These foreigners are allowed to stay in the US until the crisis in their country is resolved.

After President Donald Trump assumed office, TPS visas were canceled for citizens of several designated countries, leaving hundreds of thousands of TPS holders at risk of deportation.

Did the US government violate the immigration law?

In their lawsuit, the immigrant rights advocates are suing the US government over its alleged violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The lawsuit was filed in the wake of a series of denials of green cards to TPS visa holders under the Trump administration.

The USCIS explained its decision to deny lawful permanent resident status arguing that TPS holders entered the US without going through an inspection and admission process at the border. The lawsuit alleges that the mere fact that the TPS holders have a TPS visa means that they were subsequently inspected and admitted when applying for TPS and being granted the special temporary immigration status.

How to avoid deportation if you are a TPS holder

Estimated tens or hundreds of thousands of TPS holders could be facing deportation in the coming months when their TPS status expires. In order to avoid deportation, such TPS holders are highly advised to speak to a green card lawyer to prevent their removal or deportation from the U.S.

Our green card attorney at the Familia America Immigration law firm explains that it is possible to sue the US government if your green card status was denied or you are facing deportation due to the USCIS or DHS’s misrepresentation of the immigration law.

Do NOT go there alone (risk of deportation!)

Even those who have been in the US for decades are at risk of deportation due to the Trump administration’s strict immigration policies and its ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants nationwide.

If you are a TPS holder and are seeking to become a lawsuit permanent residents, do not attempt to gain a green card without the help of an experienced lawyer. Without legal representation, you are putting yourself and your entire family currently in the US at a higher risk of deportation.

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