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Common Green Card Application Mistakes

Immigrating to the United States can be a big move for you and your family. It could essentially be a better life for you. The first step in applying for US citizenship is obtaining a green card. This can be a very lengthy process but it can all be worth it in the end. After you obtain your green card you’ll have rights to live, work, enter, and exit in the United States for the rest of your life. The whole process doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to know common mistakes that people make on their green card application so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. Avoiding making these mistakes can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort and may even prevent the US from denying your application outright.

Missing Deadlines

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when filling out a green card application is missing an important deadline. Doing so could delay you 6 months in your immigration process. The US could also outright deny your application, they are extremely strict when it comes to deadlines. Some important deadlines that you may want to make sure you keep organized are your interview date, renewal deadline, dates for processing, and visa expiration date. It’s a good idea to keep a calendar to keep track of all your dates associated with your green card application.

Missing Forms

Another mistake that people often make is missing forms on their application. The green card application is not just one form that has to be filled out. It typically contains 8-12 forms and supporting documents. You can submit all your forms at once (concurrent filing) and this could take years off the processing time. However, you must make sure you have all the forms needed. If not, you could delay the process by 6 months to 2 years. You could also lose up to $500.

Unintentionally Giving the Wrong Information

When filling out an application, you have to make sure all the information you have is correct. Often times you have overlooked your application several times and thought you had it correct, but you may have had the wrong information to begin with. Making a mistake on your application can be seen as you lying. Keep track of all the dates, criminal records, locations, and important items. This could delay your process by 6 months to a year. Even worse, you could get a lifetime ban from the US.

Immigration is not easy. Seeing immigration always in the news can make you feel alone and vulnerable. It’s important to know that there are still laws in place to protect you. Obtaining your green card is the first step toward getting to where you want to be. The process may seem confusing and not straightforward to you. You need someone with experience in immigration law, who can help save you time and headaches. Familia America has been dealing with cases like yours for 31 years with the experience of immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas. Contact Gloria today at 801-656-9605 or simply fill out this contact form.

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