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Can You Lose Your Green Card and Be Deported? For What?

Yes, you can. Just because you have acquired a green card does not mean that you do whatever you want in the US without the fear of deportation. In fact, green card holders have fewer rights than US citizens, and can be deported for certain actions and violations of immigration laws.

Today, our green card attorney will outline the most common actions that make green card holders deportable . There are certain limitations to your rights, and you must be aware of each and every of them.

However, we have provided just a concise description of the actions that can lead to your deportation. There are many exceptions to every rule, which is why it is advised to speak to a lawyer instead of jumping to conclusions.

Note: just because you have not been caught for any of the following actions and crimes does not mean that you are not in legal trouble and will not lose your green card. Applying for US citizenship one day may reveal all of your past wrongdoings and violations of immigration laws as a green card holder.

Pretend to be a U.S. citizen to vote

Green card holders are not allowed to vote in the US, and doing so by misguiding authorities about your legal status in an effort to vote may make you deportable. There is a huge difference between a USC (United States Citizen) and lawful permanent resident (LPR), as the former have far more rights than the latter, and must not abuse their rights.

Since not all motor vehicle officials know the difference between USC and LPR, they may even encourage you to go to polls in order to vote with your driver’s license even if you are not eligible. That is why knowing your rights as a green card holder is so critical to avoid legal trouble.

Failure to inform authorities about address change

It may sound bizarre, but even failure to inform authorities about the change of your address in a timely manner may lead to deportation. Our green card lawyer at the Familia America Immigration law firm explains that as a green card holder, you are given ten days to report a new address form to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Get legal help about how to change your address form, or what to do if ten days have expired and you still have not completed the form by consulting an attorney.

Failure to establish / abandonment of a permanent residence

Once you get a green card, you must establish a permanent resident and stay there. Abandonment of your residence within the US and failure to establish a permanent residence can lead to deportation. Our lawyers explains that you may have to prove your permanent residence either when applying for US citizenship or requesting re-entry to the county after cross its borders.

Commit a crime

This one is quite straightforward: if you commit a crime, expect consequences, including consequences for your green card status. Depending on the severity of your crime, authorities may take your green card status away from you and make you deportable. It does not necessarily have to be a felony or misdemeanor to put you at risk of losing your green card, as even less serious offenses and crimes can get you in trouble.

Commit fraud

If you are convicted of any type of fraud, including fraud in the application process to get a green card, you will most likely be removed from the country. However, as we have mentioned earlier, there are exceptions to every rule, which is why it is essential to consult a green card attorney.

If you are a green card holder and you believe that authorities may have grounds to deport you, speak to a lawyer immediately. Contact the Familia America Immigration law firm to get a consultation today.

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