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Experienced San Jose Immigration Attorneys

Immigration laws and policies in the United States is complicated, changes often, and finding the best immigration lawyers can be an overwhelming process. As a licensed attorney with more than 29 years of experience, I know this feeling all too well.

I’m Gloria Cardenas, founder of Familia America. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and the daughter of Raymond Cardenas, Judge Retired, one of the first Mexican American Judges in the State of California and one of the founding members of the Mexican American Bar Association (formally called the Mexican American Lawyers Club).  I earned my undergraduate degree in Political Science from UCLA and  my J.D. from UC Hastings Law School in San Francisco, California. I hope to soon be your experienced immigration attorney.  I was recognized as one of the Top Litigators under 40 by the Daily Journal.  We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but represent clients across the country, including San Jose.  

With Our Help, You Can Achieve the American Dream

I am an immigration lawyer in San Jose, and I represent clients from across the United States, and around the world. My team consists of experienced paralegals who utilize the newest technology and keep track of the latest immigration legislation.

Contrary to what some believe, you don’t need an immigration attorney who is local to your area. Immigration law is the same in all states, so it doesn’t matter where your attorney’s office is located, just that you get the best immigration lawyer possible. If you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, or anywhere else in San Jose, and you need help with U.S. immigration, you’ve come to the right place.

I want to make your immigration case as easy and stress-free as possible. 

My Team Is Made Up of Us Immigration Experts

Here at Familia America, our professional legal team has the resources, experience, and skills needed to make sense of the complex and ever-changing U.S. immigration system. We have an extensive history of specializing in a wide range of immigration problems in San Jose. You can rest assured that I, as your immigration lawyer, have gained the experience and understanding necessary to help resolve your particular legal situation.

We help you:

  • Apply for/receive visas and permanent resident cards (green cards). 
  • Apply for/receive other immigration benefits. 
  • Communicate with USCIS, embassies and consulates, and immigration officers

Immigration Attorneys in San Jose

Immigration issues in the U.S. can be complicated and you need the best immigration lawyer possible to help you navigate the system. My team provides services based on your specific circumstances and approaches all of our San Jose immigration services with sensitivity and compassion. 

We understand that immigrants and families in San Jose face tough situations, but you shouldn’t suffer alone. As an experienced, reliable, and compassionate immigration attorney in San Jose, I understand the challenges you (and your family) face every single day. We are here to provide you with a much-needed lifeline. Our services help both people who are in San Jose legally and those who are undocumented. We never judge your situation, and will get to know you and your family. 

Our specialties as immigration experts in San Jose include:

  • Family immigration
  • DACA processes
  • Naturalization
  • Green cards
  • Visas

Additional areas we can be of service include:

  • LGBTQ-Welcome
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Fiance Visas
  • Naturalization & U.S. Citizenship

Facts About Immigration in California

We represent people from all over the world who want to live in California (or another state). It’s what we do best. California has more immigrants than any US state. There are more than 11 million immigrants in “The Golden State,” according to the Public Policy Institute of California. This number is around a quarter of the total foreign-born population in the US. 

  • 52 percent of immigrants in California became naturalized US citizens.
  • 77 percent of immigrants in California have received green cards and visas.  

More than 27 percent of California’s population was born outside of the country — more than double the percentage of the rest of the US. Immigrants make up at least one-third of the total population of the following five counties in California: Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Los Angeles, and Alameda. More than half of all children in California have at least one foreign-born parent. 

The majority of California immigrants come from Mexico (4.1 million). The next top four countries of origin are:

  • China (969,000)
  • Philippines (857,000)
  • Vietnam (524,000)
  • India (507,000)

Half of all immigrants in California were born in Latin America, and 40 percent were born in Asia. 

Help for DACA Recipients in San Jose

The Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) has changed significantly in the last few years. Since 2012, nearly 800,000 immigrants in the US have received DACA status, and it’s estimated that more than 1.3 million undocumented immigrants (including potentially hundreds of thousands of immigrants in San Jose) are eligible for DACA status. However, only half of this number have applied. This is probably because of confusion surrounding the DACA program and the contentious immigration debate in the US right now. 

Many “dreamers” are eligible for DACA status. These are people who came to the US as minors (under the age of 16). We believe more people should apply for the DACA status that is rightfully theirs. If you think you are eligible for this program, we can represent you throughout the application process. 

Here are some facts about people with DACA status:

  • DACA recipients are just as likely as other US adults (aged 15-32) to enroll in college.
  • More than 50 percent of DACA recipients have jobs.
  • Around 9,000 DACA recipients work as teachers.
  • 14,000 DACA recipients work in healthcare or have support jobs.

Looking for an experienced immigration lawyer in San Jose? Contact us here or call 408-418-6621. We’ll ask you a few simple questions about your circumstances and arrange a consultation.

What Makes Us the Best Immigration Lawyers in San Jose?

“Everyone was so happy [with me getting a green card], especially my family here and there in the Philippines. Finally, I could go back home after 13 years.” – Edgar

“Gloria and her legal team were responsive, competent and effective in helping my wife – an environmental attorney and Brazilian citizen – secure legal permanent residence status here in the United States. The time table she laid out worked exactly as planned and her support in preparing us for the various process steps was extremely helpful. I’m convinced that the level of detail that her team provided in our (2) USCIS applications coupled with us being prepared for our interviews are the main reasons for this success.” – Tim

“My journey ended last week when I finally obtained my green card after many years. When I met with Gloria, she asked me if my visa was current because we could use the visa date of my wife’s country of origin to apply for my green card now. We applied, but the USCIS denied my application because they said that we could not use my wife’s country. I was devastated. But Gloria was not. She filed an Appeal and fought for my green card, and we won! I highly recommend Gloria as your immigration attorney. She will do everything that she can to help you to get status in the U.S.” – Andres

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