Citizenship And Immigration Delays Are Discouraging
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  • Citizenship And Immigration Delays Are Discouraging

    February 16,2019

    We now have new research that shows US Citizenship and Immigration Services are moving at increasingly slower speeds. Jason Boyd of the American Immigration Lawyers Association says that the average time for them to process a case has “increased by 46% the past two fiscal years.” He attributes the delays to policies put in place...

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  • How Are Children Impacted By Deportations?

    February 15,2019

    Today we want to bring the focus back to how families are affected by the continued issues being created around immigration in this country. The last few years have been horrific for so many people, but perhaps no group has been more affected than children. We all saw children being separated from their families at...

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  • More DACA Cases Make It To Court

    February 09,2019

    The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, has really been in the news lately. It was one of the center talking points for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle during the partial government shutdown. If you will remember, President Trump eventually offered a three-year protection for DACA recipients towards the end of the...

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  • The Government Shutdown Hurt Immigration Cases

    February 08,2019

    Issues surrounding immigration are all over the news right now. One main reason for this has been because of the recent partial government shutdown that dragged on for over a month. At the center of the shutdown was one thing – a border wall. The President campaigned on building a wall along the entire southern...

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  • Immigration Law Challenges

    February 02,2019

    The United States of America used to be this country that was embracing of those who were different. It was a country who desired and encouraged people to make their way to her ports of entry and begin a journey to start a whole new life. So much of our infrastructure was created by people...

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  • Family Immigration Makes Communities Stronger

    February 01,2019

    It is hard to explain to people who have never lived in a new place to explain all the complex emotions that come with leaving one’s home and starting a new life. It completely disrupts your world but in a good way. When people leave their home countries to try it out in the United...

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  • When To Hire A Deportation Defense Attorney

    January 26,2019

    The simple answer is to hire one immediately. If you are in a situation in which your immigration status is in jeopardy then you need to call or click here to speak with Deportation Defense Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City. With over 25 years of experience, our Deportation Defense Attorney understands...

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  • Perks Of Becoming A Citizen

    January 25,2019

    Do you know that feeling after working out so hard? Not directly after, but the day after? You feel your muscles are tight and your whole body is sore? But then you sink into a bath of Epsom salt and all your worries fade away? That feeling? That is how people feel when they finally...

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  • The Impact of Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies on Immigrants By the Numbers (Recapping Two Years of Trump’s Presidency)

    January 19,2019

    It has been more than two years since Donald Trump, a reality TV star-turned-presidential candidate, assumed office. Trump’s inauguration took place on January 21, 2017, which means it’s just about time to recap the former TV personality’s presidency through the prism of the impact of his administration’s immigration policies on immigrants. “In the past 24...

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  • 4 Options to Stay in the U.S. If You’re an Immigrant Facing Deportation

    January 18,2019

    Just because you are an immigrant facing deportation does not necessarily mean that you cannot stay in the U.S. despite the removal proceedings against you. Our deportation defense lawyer in Salt Lake City from Familia America is going to explain how a deportation order does not always mean that you have to leave the U.S....

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