Why Hiring An Illegal Immigrant May Or May Not Be A Good Idea?
If you were caught hiring an illegal immigrant, the immigrant was simply deported and you lost an employee. Learn more about how to get help.
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May 5, 2017 Familia America

Perhaps you have considered hiring an illegal immigrant but not sure if this is a good or bad decision. In the 80s, hiring an illegal immigrant was not so much.... Read More

Apr 28, 2017 Familia America

The United States has moved towards a global economy. As a result, there are many foreign investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking commercial opportunities in this country. By obtaining E-1.... Read More

Apr 21, 2017 Familia America

Mormon women mobilized against a Colombian mom’s recent deportation in Utah. Isabel had lived in the state for about 25 years. She was the only caregiver for her 86-year-old mother.... Read More

Apr 14, 2017 Familia America

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe try to gain entry into the United States. They have many reasons for wanting to do so. But one.... Read More

Apr 7, 2017 Familia America

Wet Feet, Dry Feet Policy is the name given to the result of a 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 stating that any individual fleeing Cuba and.... Read More

Mar 31, 2017 Familia America

These days, the topic of immigration -- specifically illegally immigrants -- is a hot one. Although the United States was built by illegal immigrants, there are rules to becoming a.... Read More

Mar 24, 2017 Familia America

Thousands of people enter the United States each year hoping to find a better life and become citizens of this great country. Many come from war-torn countries; others seek political.... Read More

Mar 17, 2017 Familia America

A lot of people in America view immigrants as a burden to society, when in actuality, immigrants strengthen the economy. There are benefits to having a diverse society that go.... Read More

Mar 11, 2017 Familia America

If you or someone you know want to become a citizen of the United States, there is a process through which you must go. For some, it takes a little.... Read More

Mar 10, 2017 Familia America

There are countless undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. Many have children who were born in this country and are legal American citizens. Under the Deferred Action For.... Read More