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  • Facing your deportation fears

    August 11,2017

    Deportation is a difficult process, especially for people who have lived in the United States for for a long time and built their lives here. This is the place where your started a family, met amazing friends, and became an American just like anybody else. It’s the place where you and your children have created...

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  • Highly skilled workers are welcomed here

    August 04,2017

    Highly skilled immigration has become very popular in recent years. People with talent have historically boosted our economy and contributed to mankind in so many ways. Statistics clearly show that immigrants have more advanced degrees in mathematics, technology, and computer science than Americans with similar backgrounds. In other words, we need immigrants as much as...

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  • VAWA also protects men

    July 28,2017

    Many studies show that both men and women can become victims of domestic violence as men represent about 40% of these victims. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) also protects men in such violent scenarios. Whether verbal or physical abuse, nobody deserves to be mistreated. Hire a Salt Lake City victim visa attorney to help...

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  • Your K1 Fiance Visa Interview questions

    July 20,2017

    This is one of the most crucial steps to obtaining a K1 Fiance Visa. Although the questions are straightforward, and the interview typically lasts only 15 to 30 minutes, it’s good to be prepared and understand what’s expected from you and your fiancé. Honesty is a key factor as lying during the interview will cause...

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  • Common challenges immigrants face

    July 14,2017

    Arriving to the land of the free and the home of the brave is not always as freeing as some would hope. There are responsibilities to attend and obstacles in the way. After all, it’s a new country and culture you are not familiar with. It takes the time to adapt and become an American....

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  • How you can bring your same-sex fiance to the United States?

    July 13,2017

    Some people may find love while traveling abroad. Others will find the perfect partner online. As you spend more time with your significant other, you will realize that it’s all meant to be and the only thing left to do is taking your relationship to the next level! As wonderful as it might sound, this...

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  • Working abroad can be very advantageous

    July 06,2017

    As globalization takes over more business will start hiring workers from all over the world. It’s already happening. Foreign-born workers have helped built our economy and currently, there is about 17 percent of immigrants who are part of the United States workforce. Working in a foreign country is the real deal and it has definitely...

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  • Immigration Rights at Your Fingertips

    June 29,2017

    Being an immigrant in the United States has become scarier than ever before with the constant executive orders and administration changes. Many undocumented and even documented immigrants have begun to change their lifestyle for fear of legal repercussions and possible deportation. A Lot of this fear stems from not knowing your constitutional rights and what...

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  • Ooh la la I’m an American citizen

    June 23,2017

    Happiness is not a state of mind but rather a journey. It’s not a lucky penny that you pick from the floor but rather a series of events that lead you to that luck. It’s throughout this journey that some people may end up in a foreign land where in spite of all the differences...

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  • Finding love overseas

    June 16,2017

    Perhaps you are one of those adventurers who like to explore the world in 80 days. From starry nights to desert picnics, the friendship has escalated to the next level and the only thing left to do is to make it official. Or maybe you came across Mr. or Ms. Right online and after a...

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