Raids Leave Everyone In Fear
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  • Raids Leave Everyone In Fear

    September 15,2018

    Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided the town of Moab, leaving the entire community jolted. ICE has raided this area before. When they did, they targeted undocumented immigrants who had DUI convictions. This time, there seemed to be no pattern. Some had a criminal history, some did not. Rhiana Medina, the executive director of...

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  • Salt Lake City Striving To Help Immigrants

    September 14,2018

    The debate over immigration rages on in the halls of government across the United State. It seems that nobody can reach agreements on anything. Turn on the news and you are sure to hear about funding a border wall, immigrant families in detention centers, and the still unresolved fate of DACA. What you may not...

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  • The Current State of DACA Litigation and Legislation

    September 08,2018

    Back in March of 2018, DACA was scheduled to terminate based on a September 2017 announcement by President Trump. Congress was challenged to negotiate a solution to avoid the termination, but while negotiations followed, so did litigation, leading to the filing of an injunction. Federal courts required DHS to continue to take DACA renewal requests,...

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  • Newest Policy for F, M, and J Non-Immigrants Can Lead to Deportation

    September 07,2018

    If you’re an international student attending college in the U.S., a new USCIS policy could have devastating consequences if you somehow violate your visa status. The new policy changes the way that F-1, J-1, and M students in the United States accrue unlawful presence as visa holders who have violated visa terms by staying in...

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  • Bringing Them Home: What You Should Know About Family Immigration

    September 01,2018

    As a U.S. citizen looking to bring your whole family or a single family member over from another country to live with you here, the first thing on your to-do list should be to hire a family immigration attorney in Salt Lake City. Immigration laws are complex, making it difficult for the average person to...

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  • How to Self-Petition for a Green Card as a Victim of Domestic Abuse

    August 31,2018

    Being a victim of domestic abuse is tough enough. What happens when you’re a foreign national being abused by an American citizen? While you may be afraid of losing the possibility of citizenship, you shouldn’t be. As an abused spouse, you have options to receive a green card without the help of your abuser by...

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  • Common Myths About Green Cards

    August 25,2018

    It is hard for people who are born in America to understand the legal process of becoming legal or working legally in this country. They often take for granted that opportunity and privilege of working and being in the states. Some like to oversimplify the process by saying things like “just do the right paperwork”...

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  • Family Immigration Horror Story

    August 24,2018

    We know the current political climate is not welcoming of immigrants into this country. The usual propaganda is “why don’t you just come here legally?” or “If you didn’t file the paperwork right then why do you get the benefits?”. For those of us who work in immigration law, we know that this propaganda is...

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  • A New Rule May Threaten Your Green Card

    August 18,2018

    Immigrating to the United States throughout history has always been about a courageous journey for a new and better life for you and your family. The first step in applying for U.S. citizenship is obtaining a green card. This process can take a long amount of time, however , once you get the card you...

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  • What’s The Latest News About DACA?

    August 17,2018

    Immigration and immigration issues have been in the news a lot as of lately. It’s essential to keep up on these topics so that you know where your family stands and if you may be at risk for deportation. Last year the Trump administration announced that they will be getting rid of DACA. The president...

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