What the Government Shutdown Means For Your Immigration Court Hearing in 2019 (Don’t Expect It Until 2020)
Are immigration agencies trying to deport you or your loved ones while you are waiting for your court hearing to be rescheduled during the shutdown? Contact our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney at Familia America has the skills and the experience needed to achieve the desired outcome.
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  • What the Government Shutdown Means For Your Immigration Court Hearing in 2019 (Don’t Expect It Until 2020)

    January 05,2019

    Let’s check in with immigration courts in the United States during the prolonged government shutdown in 2019. We are more than two weeks into the shutdown, and with no resolution in sight, many sectors of the U.S. government brace for what could be a long-lasting impact of the prolonged shutdown. Immigration courts are among those...

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  • Why is the Trump Administration Denying Green Cards to Young Immigrants Fleeing Abusive Homes?

    January 04,2019

    “If you turn 18, you are too old to apply for a green card and stay in the U.S. under a government program that allows young immigrants who have been victims of abuse, abandonment or neglect by their parents,” or at least that’s the clear message that the Trump administration is sending by denying green...

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  • Green Card Victories and Challenges

    December 29,2018

    There is no easy process leaving one home country for another. Despite being there because of work or a new found love, choosing to live in the United States is a huge decision. Unfortunately, it is a decision met with great restraint from the United States. It’s not that our country does not value immigrants,...

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  • Deportation Defense When You Did Nothing Wrong

    December 28,2018

    It is no surprise if you have been paying attention to the political climate today, that immigration has not been favorable. Immigration has always been a topic for politicians to prove whether they are going to strengthen America or not. It is very unfortunate because considering people as illegal or legal is dehumanizing. Not to...

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  • What Immigrants from India and China Should Expect from U.S. Immigration Law in 2019

    December 22,2018

    There is a new amendment to U.S. immigration legislation that could become law in 2019, and, as a result, affect millions of legal immigrants seeking a green card, employment-based status and permanent residence in the United States. Against the backdrop of a slew of anti-immigration laws and initiative introduced by President Donald Trump and his...

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  • Partial Government Shutdown’s Impact On Immigration Processes In 2018 Through 2019: What To Expect?

    December 21,2018

    As you may have heard by now, Congress’s failure to pass a spending bill triggered a partial government shutdown in the country. The House and Senate were not able to pass a federal government-funding bill by Saturday midnight over President Trump’s insistence to include $5 billion for the construction of his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall....

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  • How Do You Get A Green Card?

    December 15,2018

    When your dream is to come to America, but you have no family, there are ways in which you can get into the country and stay: a job-based green card. If you want to come to America and you already have a family then you can apply for a family-based green card. Either way, a...

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  • Who To Trust In A New Country?

    December 14,2018

    There are so many new things to discover when you get into a new country. First, you have to figure out the closest grocery store to where you live. Then you have to discover what public transit is out there for you to use or you have to get familiar with the roads if you...

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  • Why Victims Of Human Trafficking Are More Likely To Get Deported From The U.S.

    December 08,2018

    Applying for visas and government benefits has never been riskier before. U.S. President Donald Trump continues to strengthen anti-immigration laws, but some argue that the President has come too far in his efforts to deport illegal immigrants. New rules introduced by the Trump administration put victims of human trafficking at a higher risk of deportation,...

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  • Will the New Democratic Majority in the House Save DACA and 690,000 ‘Dreamers’ in 2019?

    December 07,2018

    When Democrats gained more than the 23 House seats needed to win a majority in November’s midterm elections, thousands of young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers rejoiced. But can the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives actually save the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)? The next Speaker of the House of...

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