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Sep 17, 2019 Familia America

There is no denying that the news has been filled with immigration issues over the last few years. It is unavoidable. However, sometimes we just need to strip back the.... Read More

Aug 15, 2019 Familia America

It seems like every time we turn on the news, we are overwhelmed with the latest attempt at curbing immigration of any kind to the US. The last few years,.... Read More

Jul 12, 2019 Familia America

It is hard to miss the ever-present debate over immigration in this country. We know that the rhetoric being used and the policies being implemented affect millions of people, including.... Read More

Jun 15, 2019 Familia America

Nothing about immigration is easy to understand right now. Aside from the political climate being the way it is, people often forget that real lives are being affected every day..... Read More

May 25, 2019 Familia America

We know that any issues surrounding immigration can be difficult to understand right now. For those in rural or mountainous regions of the country who are wading through the immigration.... Read More

May 24, 2019 Familia America

According to media reports, the number of illegal aliens in the United States who are choosing to voluntarily deport themselves is on the rise. This uptick in self-deportation began when.... Read More

May 18, 2019 Familia America

The backlog of immigration cases has reached an alarming high—high enough to steal the attention of Congress. Now more than 80 Democratic Congressmen and Congresswomen have united to ask the.... Read More

May 17, 2019 Familia America

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported this week that more than 55,000 children living in the U.S. legally may be displaced by the government's new plan.... Read More

May 11, 2019 Familia America

In what is being called a ruling that may benefit those who are fighting deportation orders, U.S. District Judge George Hazel has extended a previous order blocking the deportation of.... Read More

May 10, 2019 Familia America

In its newest move toward immigration reform, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has just announced that it has drafted regulation that dramatically expands the classification of people who could face.... Read More