How The U.S. Midterm Elections Could Finally Eliminate Long H-1B And Green Card Queues
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  • How The U.S. Midterm Elections Could Finally Eliminate Long H-1B And Green Card Queues

    November 03,2018

    As the entire nation looks forward to casting their votes in the November 6 midterm elections, millions of H-1B visa holders and those waiting in unreasonably long queues eagerly await the U.S. elections to decide fate of a bill seeking betters terms for the employment-based visa program. “H-1B is a visa that allows American employers...

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  • ICE Is ‘Mass Releasing’ Immigrant Families From Detention Centers To Scare And Sway Voters Ahead Of Midterm Elections

    November 02,2018

    The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is said to be “mass releasing” immigration families from detention centers in an alleged attempt to scare and sway white Republican voters ahead of the November 6 midterm elections. Rewire.News reports that the Trump administration is “releasing an unusual number of migrants,” while providing little to not warnings to...

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  • Trump vs. DACA: What’s The Future Of The DACA Program?

    October 27,2018

    The Trump administration is growing impatient of federal appeals court delaying its ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The U.S. Department of Justice demands the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA, the immigration program that protects unauthorized immigrants who came to...

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  • USCIS Changes Green Card Requirements (And, Surprisingly, It Helps Immigrants)

    October 26,2018

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently updated a basic requirement to get a green card. The changes are expected to affect millions of immigrants applying for a green card, visa, and/or adjusting their status in the U.S. And in view of the many anti-immigration policies of late, the new policy changes, effective...

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  • What To Expect During Immigration Marriage Interview

    October 20,2018

    One of the fastest and easiest routes for an alien to become a U.S. citizen is to marry a U.S. citizen. However, the government realizes that there are many people who marry for the immigration benefit instead of marrying for love, and the government looks to weed out those applicants who are not genuine and...

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  • Are You Eligible to Become a Permanent U.S. Resident?

    October 19,2018

    Getting a green card gives you lawful permanent residence in the United States. Immigration law clearly defines categories of applicants who are eligible to achieve permanent residency status. If you fit into the category, you can likely get your green card and should speak with our Salt Lake City immigration attorneys to discuss your particular...

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  • How Deported Parents Can Lose Their Children To Adoption In The U.S.

    October 13,2018

    Are you a foreign national who has been deported from the United States and separated from your children at the U.S. border under the Trump administration? If your answer is “yes,” then we have some really bad news for you. A detailed and comprehensive report by TIME has shown that deported parents may lose their...

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  • 5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Immigration Plans In The U.S. (Avoid Them At All Cost!)

    October 12,2018

    If you are about to file an immigration-related petition or application, there are certain things you should and should not do if you do not want your application or petition to be denied. Regardless of what your immigration goals are – applying for a new or renewed visa, seeking permanent residency via a green card,...

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  • Why ‘DREAMers’ Are Holding Their Breath Until Midterm Election On Nov. 6

    October 06,2018

    The November 6 Midterm election is just around the corner, and DREAMers wait for it like no one else. Why? Because the upcoming midterm elections could actually reshape U.S. immigration law and help DACA recipients escape the limbo they are currently trapped in. When President Donald Trump announced an end to Deferred Action for Childhood...

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  • Delays In Green Card Application Process? You’re Not Alone (Why Is This Happening And What Can You Do?)

    October 05,2018

    As the Donald Trump administration continues announcing proposed changes to U.S. immigration law, people applying for green cards experience growing delays in the green card application process. Over the past few months, our Salt Lake City green card attorney at Familia America has received hundreds of calls from people complaining about holdups in processing times....

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