What is Trump’s Bill of Love all about? Salt Lake City Immigration Attorney
Whether you are looking to help your loved ones remain in the United States or find legal protection for yourself, there are always ways. But you must ask a qualified Salt Lake City immigration attorney about your options.
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  • What is Trump’s Bill of Love all about?

    February 17,2018

    The bill will allow young immigrants who came to the United States illegally to stay. That sounds good! But it comes with the price. The president said he would protect these immigrants in exchange for border wall funding and other immigration changes. Trump says the Bill of Love can be accomplished as long as we...

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  • The Best Way for You to Get a Green Card

    February 16,2018

    Given the seemingly constant media coverage of President Trump’s opposition to immigration, and the resulting uncertainty for those who are in the United States and potentially facing deportation, it would be entirely understandable for you to worry about being removed from your home, job, and loved ones. If you want to stay in the United...

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  • How Deportation Affects Immigrants Who Have Lived in the U.S. Most of Their Life

    February 09,2018

    How would you feel if you were suddenly ordered to leave not only the place where you’ve grown up and lived your adult life, but also your spouse, partner, children, friends, and colleagues? At the very least, you’re likely to feel confused, lonely and probably more than little unsettled about your situation. It’d be totally...

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  • Trump Pitches Dreamers Legal Status in Exchange for Border Wall

    February 08,2018

    It’s no secret that President Trump has been outspoken about his views on immigration, with his pledge to build a wall between the United States and Mexico being just one of his more memorable statements. Although this concept proved highly unpopular amongst most Americans, there’s a core group of Trump supporters who are most definitely...

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  • Advantages Of H1b Visas

    February 01,2018

    Work visas in this category are very popular across the nation. Thanks to the availability of H1B visas, many foreign workers are able to stay longer in the country and apply for multiple benefits every year. The broad requirements are the most important reason for its popularity. Most working visas require the visa holder to...

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  • Federal Government Shutdown Can Affect Immigration Services

    January 25,2018

    Due to the recent government shutdown, some USCIS operations will be affected until Congress authorizes funds. USCIS’s fee-funded activities are not affected and the offices still remain open so that applicants with scheduled appointments or interviews can attend as planned. Non-immigrant, as well as immigrant petitions, will continue to be processed.   Familia America Immigration...

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  • Substance Abuse and Immigration

    January 18,2018

    Foreign nationals are always encouraged to seek a better life in the United States. But what happens when these individuals are struggling with an addiction? Over the last years, there has been zero tolerance for allowing drug addicts involved in drug-related crimes to enter the country. Even jail can’t make addicts involved in criminal activity...

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  • USCIS Suspends Operations In Cuba

    January 11,2018

    The United States and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently suspended operations in Havana, Cuba. The new changes involve the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) as well as the USCIS field office in Mexico City. These changes can affect immigrants wishing to apply for a green card under CAA. A Cuban consular certification used to be sufficient...

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  • Can you have dual citizenship in the United States?

    January 04,2018

    Many immigrants do not understand the concept of dual citizenship and the legal implications behind it. While dual citizenship can be advantageous and provide easy access to multiple benefits in two different countries, you will also have more obligations such as taxes and other residency requirements. In the past, immigrants were required to renounce their...

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  • What Does Trump’s Anti-Muslim Retweet Mean For Immigrants?

    December 29,2017

    Nothing good, our immigration attorneys warn. Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump made headlines after hitting the ‘retweet’ button on a tweet containing three inflammatory anti-Muslim videos. President Trump, who focused his 2016 presidential campaign on anti-Muslim rhetoric and has attempted to introduce the controversial travel ban against several Muslim-majority nations, is no stranger to...

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