DHS Family Separations In Immigration Custody Are Under Investigation (What Does It Mean For You?)
We asked our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney at the Familia America Immigration law firm to explain what is going on.
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  • DHS Family Separations In Immigration Custody Are Under Investigation (What Does It Mean For You?)

    May 11,2018

    The recent uptick in reports that Department of Homeland Security is separating the children of asylum seekers from their immigrant parents prompted the DHS watchdog to investigate whether the Donald Trump administration is engaging in this practice systematically and indiscriminately. The fact that the DHS watchdog’s investigation is underway was revealed from a letter sent...

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  • Here’s How The Trump Administration Will Be Dealing With Immigrants Illegally Crossing The U.S.

    May 10,2018

    The Trump administration has recently revealed its new plan to tackle the growing influx of illegal immigrants at the U.S. borders. And it is not looking good. As it turns out, crossing the U.S. without a Salt Lake City deportation defense attorney by your side is becoming nearly impossible. The Trump administration, which is well-known...

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  • Do Undocumented Immigrants Have Constitutional Rights?

    May 05,2018

    Although it may not feel like it, undocumented immigrants do have some constitutional rights, but they may not be as wide-ranging as the rights that citizens have. Although some politicians and every-day Americans will argue that non-citizens do not have constitutional rights, that is absolutely untrue. In fact, there is virtually no debate among legal...

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  • Avoiding Expedited Removal

    May 04,2018

    Expedited removal is a process that was created in 1996. It allows lower-level deportation officers, including those that work with the Department of Homeland Security, to deport non-citizeattorneyns through a faster process. These individuals generally will have committed fraud or misrepresentation to trigger this process. Since 2004, however, this process has been expanded and used...

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  • May Day Marches for Immigrant Rights

    April 27,2018

    Immigrants in the United States will be all too aware of just how precarious their situation can be. Since President Trump was inaugurated, this has become even more of an issue for many immigrants, who can face deportation despite being safe under previous legislation. On May Day, or International Workers’ Day as it is also...

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  • Preparing for Your Green Card Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status Interview

    April 26,2018

    Obtaining a green card can be a complex process, as you are sure to know if you have been attempting to navigate it. With the expert assistance of a Salt Lake City green card attorney, much of the stress can be removed from this rather emotive application, and preparing well for each stage is one...

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  • What Is ICE?

    April 20,2018

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement is commonly known as ICE. For immigrants and those who are in the country without documentation, knowing about ICE and what it does is absolutely vital. This post provides an overview of some need-to-know information about ICE, but it is a good idea to talk to an experienced Salt Lake City...

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  • Employment-Based Permanent Residence Interviews: What You Need to Know

    April 19,2018

    One of the many ways to become a temporary visa holder in the United States is to have a work-related reason to be in the country. While most of these visas are temporary, work can provide a means to get permanent residence in some situations. The process for this type of application has changed in...

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  • The Best Way To Get A Green Card In The Trump Era Is An Investor Visa (93% Chance Of Success)

    April 13,2018

    It is no secret that obtaining a green card is not as easy as it used to be a few years ago. Many things have changed for immigrants and green card applicants since President Donald Trump assumed offices over a year ago. Known for his hardline anti-immigration views and anti-refugee rhetoric, Trump and his administration...

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  • Do You Need A Lawyer To File Immigration Forms With USCIS? (What Are The Benefits?)

    April 12,2018

    If you are prepared to file immigration forms with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, it may seem as if an attorney can help you get your case approved. While it is not required by Utah immigration law that every applicant be represented by a Salt Lake City family immigration attorney when filling out forms,...

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