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If you are afraid of being deported, you should seek legal advice from a qualified immigration attorney in Salt Lake City such as Gloria Cardenas.
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Ways to avoid deportation

Nov 17, 2017 Familia America Deportation Removal Defense

Many immigrants in the United States are awaiting removal hearings. Some of them may be waiting in jail and millions have already been removed in recent years. Statistics clearly show that less than half of them have felonies or misdemeanors so they should not be cast as dangerous criminals. Since 2014 the amount of immigrants convicted of a traffic violation or criminal offense have actually decreased. In other words, honest people that are contributing to our economy are deported every day. This is a sad situation many illegal immigrants may face in America. The best way to avoid such scenario is by hiring an experienced Salt Lake City deportation attorney.

How can you stop deportation?

  • Political asylum – Asylum grants are increasing every year. There is a fear of persecution linked to the individual’s background such as nationality, race, religion, and political views
  • Waivers of removal – The 212(c) waiver helps green card holders with some crimes in their records to show they have already rehabilitated their life, therefore, they should not be deported for something that happened a long time ago
  • Prosecutorial discretion – There are times when the immigrant may be able to avoid deportation for humanitarian reasons. However, not many immigrants have received these benefits. If you prepare a strong application with the help of a Salt Lake City deportation attorney, you may have a chance
  • Cancellation of removal – In order to qualify for this category, you need to meet some specific requirements such as living ten years in the USA, outstanding moral character, and exceptional hardship involving children born in the United States
  • U visa – This category protects illegal immigrants victims of crimes from criminals. There is also the T visa for victims of human trafficking as long as they cooperate with authorities. The U visa can help stop deportation and help the undocumented get a green card
  • I-601 waiver – In order to qualify for this waiver, the immigrant must have no drug offense records and must also provide evidence that proves how a deportation would cause extreme hardship to a qualifying loved one

Some immigrants may choose to depart voluntarily because they feel they can’t get out of this difficult situation. If you are afraid of being deported, you should seek legal advice from a qualified immigration attorney in Salt Lake City such as Gloria Cardenas. An immigration attorney can make all the difference.

Deportation under Trump

Since Trump took office, about 21,362 have been arrested, which means immigration arrests have significantly gone up about 33%. Deportations are actually 1.2 % less. But why is that? When an immigrant is arrested, the deportation statistic doesn’t show up until years later. The amount of arrests of non-criminal immigrants in 2017 has more than doubled compared to previous years. In other words, things will not get any easier. Also, the Trump’s DHS has not provided clear deportation statistics and many immigrant communities are afraid of what may happen to them.

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