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Do you know VAWA also protects men? Read more on the blog and contact an experienced victim visa attorney to better help.
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VAWA also protects men

Jul 28, 2017 Familia America Victim Visa

Many studies show that both men and women can become victims of domestic violence as men represent about 40% of these victims. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) also protects men in such violent scenarios. Whether verbal or physical abuse, nobody deserves to be mistreated. Hire a Salt Lake City victim visa attorney to help you cross this difficult road in your life.

Examples of abusive behavior

Perhaps you met your significant other online and come to the United States with hopes to live a happier life. After spending some quality time with your soulmate, you discover their soul may not be as gentle as you expected. Your spouse becomes violent towards you and the abuse can manifest in abusive behavior such as:

  • Becoming very demanding and checking your emails
  • You can not talk to your family back in your country of origin
  • She tells you who you can or can not see
  • You have to provide her with money and she spends it on things that are not really necessary
  • You are often ridiculed in public
  • You are constantly threatened by your spouse. She wants you to yield to her demands otherwise you will be deported

Immigration laws can protect you from such cruelty

If you have become a victim of domestic violence under the circumstances described above, you may qualify to apply for a Battered Spouse Self-Petition, which may help you get a green card. This was not possible before but thanks to VAWA is now possible for abused spouses to self-petition as long as they can prove:

  • Being married to a United States citizen in good faith
  • Exposed to cruelty throughout the marriage
  • Live in the United States with the American spouse for some time
  • Even if the spouse currently lives abroad, as long as he went through extreme mental cruelty in the U.S. he may qualify
  • He is a person of good morals

If the abuse happened in the past, and you already got a divorce, you must file your VAWA within two years after divorce. You can also request a work permit and receive it within 3 months after the applications are filled. If you want to get remarry, you must wait until your VAWA petition is approved.

Seek legal representation from a Salt Lake City victim visa attorney

Male victims of domestic violence can seek protection under VAWA. Although the name suggests only women can find protection, there is also protection available for men and couples in same-sex marriage. The same laws apply to everyone, notwithstanding the gender.

A Salt Lake City victim visa attorney would be able to tell you if you current circumstances qualify for a VAWA visa. It’s important you schedule a consultation and allow attorney Gloria Cardenas to evaluate your case. Some red flags may not be that obvious. Only an experienced attorney can help you figure out things the legal way and find sufficient evidence to prove your case.

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