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Who To Trust In A New Country?

Dec 14, 2018 Familia America Citizenship

There are so many new things to discover when you get into a new country. First, you have to figure out the closest grocery store to where you live. Then you have to discover what public transit is out there for you to use or you have to get familiar with the roads if you have a vehicle. Then there is finding a job that will hire you or one that will give you enough money for you to not only pay for your needs, but also for your legal fees.

If you Google “how much it costs to get a citizenship” you will get quotes for the application which is around $725, which includes $640 for the naturalization application and the $85 background check costs. To the average American this kind of money is still a considerable amount, but completely doable with savings and help from family, but if you are here alone or alone and the sole provider of your family, this amount is substantial. Not to mention, if you are on your path toward citizenship then you still have to pay yearly fees for your green card.

If you have ever looked into the citizenship process then you know that it takes time and money. It’s not just the application but it can be subsequent court fees, document adjustment fees, or other situations that may arise causing you to fork over more money. This is why it is so important to seek a Citizenship Attorney. In the long run, choosing our Citizenship Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City may sound more costly, but it will certainly give you peace of mind. Unlike if you choose someone who is committing professional malpractice.

In the United States, you have to have a license in order to practice the law. In other countries, specifically in Latin American countries, those who practice are called notary publics. A notary has a very different meaning in the United States. It is someone who handles official documentation, but that does not mean that they have the legal right to handle your case. Many Spanish speaking immigrants are fooled by such legal titles and end up wasting money on someone who can’t truly help them. Or they lose all their money to someone who had no intention of helping them anyway.

This was the case for April Floyd who needed an attorney to claim a civil suit against the police for excessive force against her son who was put in jail. Floyd’s “attorney” took $850 from her and said to check back in. When Floyd did she was nowhere to be found. This kind of deceit is all too common; especially, when the family is in dire need of help.

Do not be fooled when choosing an immigration attorney. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to talk with a real attorney with real credentials and who will keep you updated and stick by your side through the ups and downs of obtaining citizenship.

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