Trump's Immigration Travel Ban Expanded
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Trump’s Immigration Travel Ban Expanded

Oct 17, 2017 Familia America Immigration

President Trump expands travel ban to include some new travel restrictions. The new modifications are meant to bar the issuance of visas to citizens from three more nations: Venezuela, North Korea, and Chad. The expansion of the travel ban has sparked much debate. While the main purpose is keeping our nation safe, many immigrant families can be affected by the new restrictions. Contact a Salt Lake City immigration attorney to protect your rights.

Officials say the new rules are much stricter. The original travel ban, signed during the first days of Trump’s presidency, was a temporary solution until his administration created a more complex and well-crafted plan. However, according to some officials, the new restrictions are not permanent either. So it seems that these bans will keep coming and the idea of a permanent ban is far from being true.

Some restrictions

Every country included in the ban will have different restrictions. For example, immigrants as well as nonimmigrants from Yemen, Libya, and Chad have barred entry into the United States. Iranian citizens are also barred, with the exception of Iranian students who will have to submit further screening. Immigrants and nonimmigrants from Syria and North Korea and Somalia citizens are also barred.

The restrictions on Venezuela target only leaders and their families. Sudan is no longer banned, as they have been cooperating with the United States government. Immigrants who already have a visa will not be affected and the new restrictions will take effect on October 18th.

The original intentions

Some critics say the ban is unconstitutional since Trump’s initial intention was to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Yet officials say this ban is not targeting Muslims but rather protecting the country from the wrong type of governments. They argue that it is not about religion or race. These governments simply don’t have the essential security requirements. But the president had originally targeted only Muslim countries. Perhaps this is why other countries have been recently added to the list. Some advocates believe is still the same Muslim ban Trump’s administration says some of these countries have already complied with security requirements while others are unwilling to cooperate. The president had announced earlier this year that the travel ban would be expanded. He wants the ban to be far larger and stricter but nobody truly knows how far these restrictions can go in the coming years.

Your Salt Lake City immigration attorney

Immigration law can be complicated. It can be frustrating working through immigration courts alone and filling out all the documents required. This is why you need to hire a qualified immigration attorney to handle your case and determine the best course of action in your particular situation. Also, immigration laws have changed a lot over the past years so you cannot know for certain what the outcome of your case will be unless you hire an attorney up-to-date on current immigration laws. Contact us today and schedule your first case evaluation with immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas.

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