How Trump's Immigration Reform Can Affect DACA (Dream Act)
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How Trump’s Immigration Reform Can Affect DACA (Dream Act)

Oct 20, 2017 Familia America Immigration

If you or your children hoped to apply and qualify for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to fulfill your American dream, your dreams may be shattering into pieces now that President Donald Trump’s administration is attempting to derail the 2012 immigration policy.

Five years ago, former President Barack Obama established DACA in order to allow young people who arrived in the United States as infants or toddlers to fully and legally contribute to the country they were raised in.

While many young people would stay away from the Dream Act, as applying for the immigration policy meant entering the system by giving their identifying information, for many others, it was the only way to stay in the U.S. without the fear of deportation.

DACA would allow “dreamers” to enroll in a college, get hired on a contract or ‘at will’ basis as well as pay taxes once granted two years of “deferred action” on deportation (“dreamers” would then reapply every two years).

Meaning: applying and qualifying for DACA would let you go to college and get a job (legally) in Salt Lake City or any other city in Utah or anywhere in the U.S. if you came to the U.S. while under the age of 16 and are under 31 years of age as of June 15, 2012.

But the immigration policy that could finally address the needs of young undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is standing on thin ice. Not only does it make the lives of nearly a million immigrant youth in the U.S. difficult, but also puts a strain on U.S. gross domestic product (GDP).

Fun fact: experts estimate that the economic cost of derailing or canceling DACA would be $200 billion over the next decade, while other estimations predict the U.S. GDP could shrink by more than $430 billion over the next 10 years.

What Trump’s immigration reform is about

In the wake of announcing plans to end DACA in early September, the Trump administration released guidelines on what would be an immigration reform like earlier in October.

As feared by many critics of our President, those guidelines are pretty harsh for immigrant youth. Trump, known for his controversial policies regarding immigration, has stopped short of saying whether or not the new reform would offer legalized states for immigrant youth in the U.S.

Not to mention that the immigration reform also includes a number of provisions that would turn the lives of some 11 million undocumented immigrants in our country into a nightmare.

Among the tough provisions are crackdowns on unaccompanied underage youth, stricter rules for asylum seekers as well as plans to build a border wall, something that has attracted much criticism in the American and international media.

The new immigration reform may not only derail DACA but also make the lives of unprotected immigrant youth in the U.S. unbearable.

What’s your most effective defense against deportation now?

Here at Familia America Immigration, our immigration attorneys in Salt Lake City have noted that the Trump administration’s harsh immigration policies have taken a toll on undocumented immigrants living in Salt Lake City and other cities across Utah.

Trump’s ascension to power has made millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. worried, which is why our immigration attorneys in Salt Lake City are working day and night to answer all of your questions and help you prepare an effective defense against deportation.

We guarantee confidentiality during this very uneasy time for immigrants and immigrant youth in the U.S. Call our Salt Lake City immigration attorney at 801-656-9605 or fill out this contact form to get a free initial consultation.

Familia America Immigration shares a strong commitment to helping our clients. Every client is like family to us. And if you’re family, we’ll protect your rights at all costs. No doubt about that.

Let us help you keep your family together and stay in the U.S. to pursue the American dream in 2017.


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