What is Trump's Immigration Bill of Love All About?
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What is Trump’s Bill of Love all about?

Feb 17, 2018 Familia America Immigration

The bill will allow young immigrants who came to the United States illegally to stay. That sounds good! But it comes with the price. The president said he would protect these immigrants in exchange for border wall funding and other immigration changes. Trump says the Bill of Love can be accomplished as long as we secure our border.

Democrats and Republicans have tried to negotiate the deal and the president will eventually agree to the new changes. He admits he relies on these men and women to make these tough decisions. He respects people from both sides and will approve whatever they have to say.

But Trump has said he wasn’t going to protect DACA participants. Unfortunately, there is about 800,000 of them brought here as children.  These are things the president should think about before he speaks.  Democrats fully understand that there is no DACA without a border wall. The president seems to have a genuine desire to protect the country but the problem is that he comes across as racist.

Trump has been criticized severely for his impulsive speeches.  Fairly, he might not even know what he is saying since he doesn’t have a Harvard background like all the presidents we are accustomed to. We are used to people that sound like music to our ears. This is something the media should also consider. His speech may not be pretty but those politicians who say nothing or yes to everything can actually be more dangerous.

Conservative Republicans say the border wall can cost about $18 billion and the spending bill must pass by January 19 this year otherwise we will have a government shutdown.  The president’s 25 top advisers sat down to discuss these issues with 16 senators as well as 9 representatives.

DREAMers came to this country when they were only children so it is fair they have a chance to remain here. But it is not fair the Bill of Love comes with such a high price.  We are talking about thousands of people and billions of dollars. Perhaps Trump has gone too far. We want to make America great again but at what cost to taxpayers?

At least the president is more flexible and seems to welcome any suggestions from Democrats as well as Republicans. He is particularly flexible about how much more should be invested on the border wall. This project can be very costly an impossible to accomplish unless both parties agree.

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