How The Trump Administration Has Reshaped US Immigration
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How The Trump Administration Has Reshaped The US Immigration In 31 Days

May 24, 2018 Familia America Family Immigration

This past month alone, the Trump administration has drastically changed the U.S. immigration landscape, leaving millions of illegal immigrants in Utah and all across the nation worried about their own future and the future of their families.

In the past 31 days, our Salt Lake City family immigration attorney from the Familia America Immigration law firm has received more phone calls from illegal immigrants than ever before, indicating that the U.S. immigration landscape is going through extreme changes under the Trump administration.

Zero tolerance toward illegal immigrants

May 2018 was the month when the entire country watched a caravan crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, an event that prompted the Trump administration to overhaul asylum policies and prevent future illegal immigrants from crossing the border. Authorities went overboard with their new “zero tolerance” plan, separating immigrant children from their parents.

Under the new policy, immigration agents plan to prosecute everyone, regardless of age, caught illegally crossing the U.S. border. As if this was not enough to make millions of immigrants across the nation concerned about their future in this country, immigration rights advocates were outraged to hear U.S. President Donald Trump call immigrant gang members “animals.”

Threats and questioning

Then, a video showed a lawyer threatening to call ICE agents on workers speaking Spanish at a restaurant. In a separate incident, a Border Patrol agent questioned a U.S. citizen after hearing her speak Spanish in a store.

We asked our best family immigration lawyers in Salt Lake City and elsewhere in Utah to explain what is really going on, and outline what legal options are available to illegal immigrants across the state to avoid deportation.

Because, believe it or not, avoiding deportation or at least hoping to be treated with respect and fairly is something illegal immigrants and their children are no longer guaranteed when crossing the U.S. border under the Trump administration.

Immigrants separated from their children

Statistics by USA Today shows that the number of immigrant children held by authorities skyrocketed by more than 20 percent in May. In fact, as of May 2018, the government held over 10,770 illegal immigrants in shelters. As if this was not worrisome enough, the average time children are being held in these shelters has stretched to 60 days.

Even those seeking asylum and crossing the U.S. border lawfully were separated from their children, as our Salt Lake City family immigration attorneys have received numerous complaints from legal immigrants from all across the country. Seeking legal help immediately and proactively is the only way to prevent authorities and immigration agents from violating your rights as a lawful immigrant.

Fewer immigrants report crime

An article by The New York Times showed that there has been a sharp decline in crime reporting by immigrants all across the nation, which shows that immigrants are reluctant to contact the police and authorities out of fear of deportation. The article noted that the decline in crime reporting by immigrants began since President Trump became President in January 2017.

In particular, many cities with large Hispanic populations across the United States have seen a major decline in reports of domestic violence and sexual assault from immigrants. Are you an immigrant in the U.S. whose rights have been violated or you fear deportation? Have authorities harmed you or your family? Do not hesitate to contact the Familia America Immigration law firm.

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