Trump Administration Ends Protective Status for Haiti
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Trump administration ends protective status for Haiti

Nov 23, 2017 Familia America Immigration

About 60,000 Citizens from Haiti were recently given the cold shoulder by the Trump’s administration. It is difficult when your own compatriots give you 18 months to leave the country. The Temporary Protected Status had allowed many Haitians to live and work in the United States since the devastating 2010 earthquake shook the country. But like everything temporary, the protected status was not meant to last forever.

The protected status is offered to undocumented immigrants when a natural disaster or other extraordinary conditions are met, and it does not allow them to apply for a permanent green card. However, they can obtain work documents. The Department of Homeland Security has determined that the extraordinary conditions are no longer there. According to them, about 97% of people in Haiti are no longer displaced thanks to the improved quality of life and stability over the last seven years.

There are currently other immigrants from nations such as Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Yemen and Syria under the same temporary protected status. The program for Sudan just ended last September and the program for Nicaragua will end in 2019, with more than 2,500 Nicaraguans that will not be able to renew their temporary residency. Extensions will be granted based on whether the conditions for protection are met.

The Trump’s administration has more than doubled their efforts to expel undocumented immigrants from the United States. While it is true the program is offered only on a temporary basis, Haiti has not fully recovered since the 2010 quake, especially due to the impact of recent hurricanes that killed thousands in the island.

The latest immigration news has caused panic among Haitian immigrants. Some have already fled to Canada. There is definitely a need for an extension. It will be very difficult for the Haitian government to accommodate thousands of its citizens. It will require a lot of effort and assistance they don’t have right now. Haitian migrants have also been deported from the Dominican Republic. The country is just not ready to absorb so many people.

Trump, who had promised Haitians he wanted to be their greatest champion, and criticized the Clintons for failing Haiti back in 2010, is now deporting the very people he had promised to save. Deportation to a poverty-stricken nation is definitely not a compassionate approach. The president had sought out the Haitian vote and he should keep his promises. Unfortunately, several sources argue that Trump has been the most anti-immigrant president since the 50’s. Whether it is true or not, his word has been questioned due to the implementation of harsh immigration laws.

Contact a Salt Lake City Temporary Protected Status Lawyer if you and your loved ones have been affected by current immigration policies. Familia America can help you and your family find help in these tempestuous times. While the future is uncertain, unlike some politicians, we keep our promises. Salt Lake City immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas has been successful at representing immigrants from all over the world in their journey to legal freedom. You came here with a dream. We can make it a reality!

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