TPS Re-registration Now Open for Nicaraguan and Hondurans
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TPS Re-registration Now Open for Nicaraguan and Hondurans

Dec 22, 2017 Familia America Immigration

Nicaraguans and Hondurans who wish to keep their Temporary Protected Status (TPS) until it expires in 2018 and 2019 must re-register within the appointed deadlines. This extension allows them to prepare for their return to their home countries. They can also consult an experienced Salt Lake City immigration attorney and find out another immigration route to avoid deportation.

Forms and deadlines

Applicants need to submit their application (Form I-821) and they may also request authorization to work in the United States (Form I-765). They can submit both forms together or separately. These forms can be obtained at the USCIS’ website and they are free. The employment authorization will also expire soon and not all applicants may qualify. This is why it is important hiring adequate legal representation. Hondurans’ current protected status will expire Jan. 5, 2018, therefore, securing a good attorney is crucial. Nicaragua’s TPS with extension ends on Jan. 5, 2019 so they have more time if they wish to consult an attorney.

TPS is meant to protect immigrants

Both countries, Honduras and Nicaragua, will be assessed 60 days prior to the protected status expiration date in 2018 and 2019 to determine whether to extend or to end the TPS. The TPS was established back in 1990 with the intention of protecting over 300,00 immigrants experiencing hardship back in their home country. In other words, it is not safe for them to go back to their homeland due to disaster, war, or any other qualifying circumstances that makes it dangerous to return. The DHS determined that Nicaraguans and Honduras no longer need this protection since the adverse circumstances are no longer there. It is just difficult for immigrants and their families who have lived and work in the United States for so long to back to some of the poorest countries in Central America.

Many immigrants still prefer America

Some immigrants still feel that the United States is more welcoming than Europe. They seem to integrate more rapidly into the economy than immigrants in European countries where they have more access to benefits. Yet many immigrants across Europe report a strong sense of exclusion. Also, the employment rate in Europe is much lower. Unschooled immigrants in the United States work for little pay but they generally find work. Also, people from different religious backgrounds feel more welcomed. America is definitely not paradise but immigrants from all over the world still find religious freedom here.

We are here for you

The Trump administration believes they have disregarded immigration laws but they are actually ending every immigration protection available out there. The route to permanent residency in America is definitely becoming narrower. If you need help with your immigration circumstances, call us today and schedule a confidential consultation with Salt Lake City immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas.

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