Top Reasons Green Card Applications Are Denied
If you have been denied a green card, you still have the option to appeal. Contact our green card attorneys to discuss what you need to do.
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Top Reasons Green Card Applications Are Denied

Apr 12, 2019 Familia America Green Card

You have a lot riding on your ability to get a green card, and unfortunately, recent changes in legislation have made green cards harder than ever to obtain. Moreover, immigration law and the nuances required to legally obtain a green card are nothing if not challenging. Navigating the legal immigration process is complicated and intimidating, which is why speaking with Familia America Immigration’s Salt Lake City green card attorneys makes sense. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons that green card applications are denied.

  • Criminal record. If you are found to be guilty of a crime of moral turpitude, or if you are a person who has committed multiple crimes or specific crimes such as trafficking in drugs, prostitution, or money laundering, then your criminal record may keep you from obtaining a green card.
  • Security concerns. It is sometimes the case that those seeking admission into the country are members of groups that are seen as a security threat to the United States. If you have formerly been involved in or are currently a member of a group that is averse to foreign policies of the United States, then your green card may be denied.
  • Inability to support yourself. If immigration officials determine that it is likely that you will become dependent on government assistance for financial support, housing, or long-term care, then you may not be eligible for green card approval. Immigration officials will review your age, your assets, and your education and skills to determine if it is likely that you will require government assistance such as food stamps or Medicaid. If it is found that you cannot support yourself or you do not have a sponsor willing to do so, it is likely that your application will not be approved. The laws on this have recently gotten much stricter.
  • Former immigration violations. If you have abused the process of immigration in the past, then officials look on this in a negative light and you may be denied a green card. Sneaking into the country as a stowaway, misrepresenting the facts in order to gain entry into the United States, failing to attend removal hearings, or abusing the immigration process in any way can be a big determinant in whether or not your application is ultimately approved.
  • Missing appointments. After you file an application for a green card, you will be scheduled by USCIS for fingerprint collection if you are currently in the United States  If you did not attend this appointment or reschedule in a timely fashion, then your green card application may not be processed and you will not receive your green card.

If you have been denied a green card, you still have the option to appeal. Contact our Salt Lake City green card attorneys Familia America Immigration to discuss what you need to do to move forward. Give us a call at 801-656-9605 or click here to begin your journey to becoming a legal resident of the U.S.

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