Taking The Green Card Option
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Taking The Green Card Option Jan-12-2019

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Unfortunately, at this time in our country the current administration is tightening the reins on an already deeply pressured system. Your dreams of becoming a permanent resident may be harder than expected, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t impossible. There are options that you can take that will get you to get the results you need such as a green card. A green card can provide almost the same services as permanent residents save a few differences. A green card is a good obtainable goal and our Green Card Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City are ready to assist you in this process.

What To Expect With A Green Card Process

The process for a Green Card can get messy, especially when an administration is not open to improving immigration process. However, we have to work with what we have and thankfully by instilling trust into our Green Card Attorney at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City, the process can be easier. The first step for a Green Card is to check your eligibility for a green card. There are several ways in which you can obtain a green card:

  1. Family: if you have an immediate family member or fiancé who is willing to sponsor you then you can use that relationship as eligibility for a green card
  2. Employment: opportunities to work abroad can be few or far between. However, if you are one of the lucky ones to land a stellar job in the United States then you can also apply for a green card and not feel as if you are a constant visitor in a place where you plan to work permanently.
  3. Special Immigrant: if you are part of a religious group to help in a non-profit organization or if you are a child who has been abused, abandoned, or neglected then you have options to remain a permanent status as a special immigrant.
  4. Refugee or Asylum Seeker: not everyone is accepted in their home country. If you are being threatened by gang members or other threatening beings in war-torn countries then there is a way for you to access a green card.
  5. Victims of abuse: thankfully there is legislation for women, men, and children who are abused while in a relationship with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Listed are some top categories for green card eligibility and not an exhaustive list. If you are eligible then the next steps are to gather documentation of your past including past marriage, families, work, medical documents, and mental health. There are ways to get your green card while you are in the United States or you can take a consular route through an American embassy in your home country. The Green card process is all about paperwork and that is where our Green Card Attorneys excel. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to start your Green Card process with us. Even if you have already started the process we can help in the midst of trouble as well ensure that your application is in the right direction.

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