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Successful Immigration Stories Happen in Utah

Mar 9, 2019 Familia America Family Immigration

In today’s political climate, under today’s administration, it is hard to find hope in all the darkness. Our Family Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City are all too familiar with the distraught stories of people trying to find their home and prosperity in America. We witness our legal system cultivate a climate of fear and rejection. We understand that if your dream is to live and succeed in America you may have your doubts, but our Family Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City is here to reaffirm your dreams. We are here to make your dreams a reality.

How Utah Feels About Immigration

Utah is a state rich in natural landscapes and happy people. Our state is ranked as one of the happiest in the nation. Our state is also one that is open to those who choose to immigrate to our beloved country. In a recent debate over immigration with our local government, the positives outweigh the negative. Officials spoke about how the immigration community is vibrant and necessary to our state. Immigrants are vital in adding millions of dollars in sales and property tax. They also stated the first generation immigrants are “statistically far more likely to start a business than a native-born Utah”.

The truth is immigration adds diversity to the economy. It helps to fill a hole in employment. Sometimes there are jobs that U.S. workers just don’t seem to fill such as construction, hospitality, landscaping, or agriculture. These kinds of jobs require hard physical labor for sometimes low pay. Immigrants are willing to work these jobs because they are limited in job choices. Therefore, they are willing to work when U.S. workers cannot.

For example, SPICE (Supporting the Pursuit of Innovative Culinary Entrepreneurs) Kitchen is a program in Salt Lake City whose mission is to help immigrants, refugees, and other disadvantaged groups start full or part-time food businesses. This specific program helped Thai immigrants Yupin and Wichai Charoen. Yupin Charoen was working in a Thai restaurant whose owners wanted to sell the restaurant and head back to Thailand. Because Yupin Charoen did not have any formal education she was worried that she would never be able to find another job. Thankfully someone who worked for the SPICE Kitchen organization understood Yupin’s concern and gave her the opportunity to learn the restaurant business. Yupin now owns one of the most popular Thai food restaurants in Salt Lake City.

What To Do

When we take a chance on our dreams there is no telling where the path will take us. When we have people who are willing to help guide us along the way, we know that success is inevitable. This success is what our Family Immigration Attorneys at Familia America Immigration in Salt Lake City can do for you. Call 801-656-9605 or click here to start your journey to success with us. We believe in your dreams and want to make them a reality. With our team by your side, the sky’s the limit.

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