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If you are facing these difficult circumstances, you need to hire an experienced Salt Lake City immigration attorney to protect your legal rights.
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Substance Abuse and Immigration

Jan 18, 2018 Familia America Immigration

Foreign nationals are always encouraged to seek a better life in the United States. But what happens when these individuals are struggling with an addiction? Over the last years, there has been zero tolerance for allowing drug addicts involved in drug-related crimes to enter the country. Even jail can’t make addicts involved in criminal activity better. They need rehab or they will start again after being released from prison. However, that doesn’t mean that the federal immigration system should treat all immigrants the same, even the ones that are under the influence on a special occasion. Not all substance abusers are criminals and they should not be treated as such. Criminal convictions can have terrible consequences for these immigrants, even if they are innocent. If you are facing these difficult circumstances, you need to hire an experienced Salt Lake City immigration attorney to protect your legal rights.

Back in 2007, about 275,00 aliens were removed by ICE. Immigrants struggling with health issues were able to escape deportation but many others struggling with substance abuse were categorized as criminals. This is why it is important your immigration attorney understands how some criminal matters can affect your immigration status. These are things attorneys should look at before filing an application as they may expose these clients to future problems, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Immigrants who are not U.S. citizens are not exempt from problems with the immigration system. Your eligibility to work and remain in the United States will be constantly questioned. Also, there are times when immigration officials make mistakes related to the immigration process and the person is later on deported based on these mistakes. Having an experienced Salt Lake City immigration attorney by your side is always the best approach to handling your immigration circumstances, no matter how easy they might seem.

All eligible immigrants should apply to become a United States citizenship as soon as possible. Immigration benefits are becoming extinct these days, and even more under Trump’s administration. It is a difficult time for many immigrants across the nation. An immigration attorney can help you avoid many mistakes and lead you in the path to a long-term immigration status.


All immigrants who are not American citizens need permission to enter the country. They must undergo an inadmissibility evaluation et the appointed port of entry. Immigrants with a history of drug related crimes or struggling with drug abuse may be barred from entering the country.


Even after an immigrant has been admitted, he or she can’t stay in the United States permanently. There are many circumstances that may constitute good grounds for deportation. Unless the alien becomes an American citizen through naturalization, he or she can be deported at any time.

Good moral character

In order to receive important immigration benefits, some immigrants may have to show they have good moral character. Whether that includes applying for citizenship or avoiding deportation, substance abuse treatment reports are crucial to the outcome of the outcome of many immigration cases.

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