Salt Lake City Striving To Help Immigrants
Familia America attorneys are well-versed in immigration law. See how Salt Lake City is striving to help immigrants.
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Salt Lake City Striving To Help Immigrants

Sep 14, 2018 Familia America Immigration

The debate over immigration rages on in the halls of government across the United State. It seems that nobody can reach agreements on anything. Turn on the news and you are sure to hear about funding a border wall, immigrant families in detention centers, and the still unresolved fate of DACA.

What you may not realize is that more than 48,000 immigrants and refugees have achieved permanent and legal residents in the state of Utah.

“We are a state of immigrants and we are a nation founded by immigrants,” said Salk Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. “It is Utah’s pioneering spirit that continues to contribute to why we are such a welcoming place today.”

This matters because Salt Lake County has a new plan, headed by county government, that aims to help the immigrants in the area gain full US citizenship.

A Tough Time

It is hard to be an immigrant in the US right now, despite our nation being built on immigration. There are around 11.3 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, 3.6 million who entered the US before their 18th birthday.

There are over 800,000 Dreamers who have received DACA protection, but they now have to wonder every day what will happen to them.

The number of people being deported from the United States has reached a record high and many of those deported never get a fair hearing.

There is a major backlog of immigration cases and the current administration is trying to speed up the process. This can hurt immigrant families in the US, as they may not have enough time to secure appropriate legal help with their situation.

The truth is, many people come to the US from other countries because they fear for the lives of themselves and their families.

What parent would not want to get their kids away from a life of gang and drug activity?

Every person who comes to this country that has a legitimate fear for their safety has the right to apply for political asylum, but they often get no chance to exercise that right.

The immigration situation in this country is reaching a critical turning point, and it needs to turn towards fairness.

What You Can Do

The attorneys at Familia America understand that being an immigrant in the US is difficult right now. The current political climate makes it hard to know what your fate will be.

How can you plan for the future when the US government cannot figure out fair immigration policies?

If you need an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City, Familia America is here for you. We will work with federal and state authorities to figure out your citizenship situation. We are dedicated to this area of law, so you can be sure you are in good hands. Do not let your fear of the future keep you from fighting for yourself and your family. Let us help. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-656-9605 for a consultation.

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