Do You Need a Green Card Attorney During Trump's Presidency?
The overwhelming majority of people who hired a green card lawyer at Familia America are happy with their decision to seek legal help. See how we can help.
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Do You Really Need a Green Card Attorney During Donald Trump’s Presidency?

Feb 23, 2018 Familia America Green Card

Millions of people still believe in the American Dream and want to cross the border of the U.S. to pursue a better life and open infinite career and education opportunities.

The mere notion of moving to the U.S. sounds exciting, but the process of obtaining a green card or crossing the U.S. border in any other way to live, work, and stay in the country may sound complex, impossible or even scary under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump, a staunch opponent of immigration, has previously made countless comments about the need to introduce strict immigration policies, protect the borders from immigrants, crack down on illegal immigration, and even deny millions of Dreamers a path to U.S. citizenships under the DACA, and even cancel the DV lottery, otherwise known as green card lottery, altogether.

These and many other anti-immigration policies of the Trump administration that force millions of immigrants to give up their dream of pursuing a better life by staying in the U.S. for more than just a temporary time period.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By seeking legal help of a Salt Lake City green card attorney you can still obtain a green card in order live, work, and stay in the U.S. legally with minimum obstacles on your path.

‘Do I need a green card attorney?’

With the help of an attorney in Salt Lake City, the Utah city that offers roughly infinite opportunities for immigrants and holders of green cards, you can obtain a green card in a matter of weeks.

It may seem as if you don’t need a green card attorney to pursue your long-time dream and have a legal right to live in the U.S., but it’s simply not true. After all, the rules and procedures for obtaining a green card are as volatile as ever under the Trump administration.

Not to mention that the anti-immigration policies by President Donald Trump have introduced a series of exceptions and inconsistencies for those interested in obtaining a green card in Utah or elsewhere across the U.S. Needless to say, after Trump assumed office in January 2016, the forms and documents required for green card applicants have gotten overwhelming, while mixups and government delays have become “normal” for applicants who aren’t legally represented.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that any mistakes by the applicant when applying for a green card can lead to disastrous consequences and even result in permanent or temporary denied entry to the U.S.

Benefits of hiring an attorney to get a green card

The overwhelming majority of people who hired a Salt Lake City green card lawyer at Familia America Immigration law firm are happy with their decision to seek legal help. And that’s a fact.

After all, at the time of strict vetting procedures and crackdowns on illegal immigration under the Trump administration, the process of obtaining a green card presents a plethora of challenges and obstacles.

Our attorneys, who have decades of experience in helping foreigners obtain various types of visas and green cards in a matter of weeks or even days, can help convince the immigration authorities to approve your green card application, even for those who have past visa overstay, severe health condition, criminal conviction, job loss, which pretty much make a foreigner “inadmissible.”

With a green card lawyer by your side, you can save countless hours and headaches when trying to obtain a green card. An attorney will handle all legal aspects of your application and help you change your case from the “pending” status to “approved” in a matter of days or weeks.

The benefits of hiring an attorney when trying to live and stay in the U.S. legally cannot be underestimated. Contact our attorneys at Familia America Immigration law firm to get a consultation about your particular case today.

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