Who is Qualified to Apply for a Green Card?
Familia America attorneys are well-versed in immigration law. Find out who is qualified to apply for a green card.
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Who is Qualified to Apply for a Green Card?

Aug 3, 2018 Familia America Green Card

The United States as a lot to offer immigrants. It could essentially be a better life for you. Getting a green card will be your first step in eventually applying for U.S. citizenship. You’ll have rights to work, live, enter, and exit in the United States for the rest of your life. Obtaining a green card can be simpler than you thought or it may be more difficult depending on the circumstances. Once you obtain a green card you feel that you are secure and you’ve finally made it. You’re allowed to stay in the United States.

Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens

Getting a green card through an immediate relative is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get a green card. Immediate family members can include the spouse or recent widows and widowers. They also include parents of U.S. citizens, if they are at least 21 years old. Adopted children of U.S. citizens count as immediate family members, however they must have been adopted before they turned 16. Unmarried people under the age of 21 with at least 1 parent that is a U.S. citizen are also included in immediate relatives. Step children and step parents count as well if the step child step parent relationship took place before the child reached 18. Getting a green card through immediate family members is the easiest option because there is an unlimited amount of green cards available. You can receive your green card right away once the paperwork and application are complete.

Certain Family Members

Certain members of the family identified through law can also get a green card. These go by “Preference Categories”. Ultimately there are only 480,000 given out each year. It operates on a first come first serve basis. The wait times can be unpredictable and it is dependent on several factors. This includes the country you’re from, the category of visa, and the number of other people who are trying to get the same type of visa. If you are applying for a green card and you’re from Mexico, India, China, or the Philippines, then you’ll have an even higher wait time due to the high demand. Family first preference are unmarried adults, who are age 21 or older, and have at least one U.S. citizen parent. Family second preference are spouses and unmarried children of the green card holder. Children have to be younger than the age of 21. Family second preference also includes unmarried children 21 and older whose parent(s) are green card holders. Family third preference includes married people of any age who have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen. Family fourth preference includes brothers or sisters of U.S. citizens if the citizens are is 21 or over.

When you immigrate to another country you may have a lot on the line. It’s important to know that the U.S. Immigration Law is meant to try to keep families together. Once you get your green card you may be all set and ready to go. The whole process can be tough though. You don’t have to go through this whole thing alone. You need someone with experience. Familia America has been dealing with cases like yours for over 40 years with the combined experience of immigration attorney Gloria Cardenas and senior paralegal Abby L. Van Sice. Contact them today at 801-656-9605 or simply fill out this contact form.

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