Protest against woman’s deportation in Utah
Hiring a Salt Lake City immigration attorney can determine whether any circumstances in your life may allow defending your deportation.
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Protest against woman’s deportation in Utah

Apr 21, 2017 Familia America Citizenship, Immigration

Mormon women mobilized against a Colombian mom’s recent deportation in Utah. Isabel had lived in the state for about 25 years. She was the only caregiver for her 86-year-old mother and disabled son. She had successfully filed for extensions to state in the country but unfortunately, her last extension was denied. Isabel’s supporters sang hymns and held signs showing their support at her departure.

Need more time

Isabel’s immigration attorneys needed more time to request she will stay in Utah. Colombian officials, as well as Sen. Orrin Hatch’s office, had also tried to reverse the deportation by persuading the United States Customs and Immigration Enforcement. Discrepancies between the names in her passport and driver’s license had delayed the departure. Her friends and supporters have been using the pseudonym ‘Isabel’ to protect her privacy. After all this turmoil, she finally decided to go with her real name.

The immigrant’s fate

Castro is just one of countless undocumented immigrants who have been unreasonably targeted by the new strict immigration action under Trump. Although it’s understood that U.S. immigration laws must be enforced, it’s not fair that a resident with a disabled family and without criminal records will suffer under such strict law. Many parents in Utah without criminal records have been told to leave the country with shorter deadlines. These families are trying everything they can to stay together but unfortunately, they are not granted their wishes. Even the most decent of cases are being turned down.

Keep your hopes up

An emigration reform group called America’s Voice for Education Fund says this deportation is unsympathetic. It’s heartless separating her U.S. citizen child from his mother. Her 18-year-old son has epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Friends and supporters still remain hopeful that somehow Castro is able to appeal her order in Colombia and move back to Utah within a year.

More support

Isabel had received help from her Mormon bishop. He attempted to encourage family unity and draw attention to her deportation case. The church stated that her deportation “weakens families and damages society” and “families are meant to be together.” But it doesn’t matter how much she receives. Sometimes legal fate just takes its toll.

How an immigration attorney can help

Immigration court proceedings are unfortunately less formal than other court proceedings. Since the immigrant is not familiar with American legal procedures, chances are your case will be treated unfairly. Judges generally don’t know about circumstances surrounding your case. This is why hiring a Salt Lake City immigration attorney can be helpful. An attorney can determine whether any circumstances in your life may allow defending your deportation.

Immigration laws can be quite complex and attorneys can help you make the best argument in court. Even when judges deny your case. With the right information, you will have more chances of an effective appeal. Contact Familia America today and schedule your initial consultation with one of our Salt Lake City immigration attorneys.

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