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Every immigration case is sensitive. Even the most insignificant circumstances can affect its outcome or resolution. Learn more about how to protect your dream.
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Is the protected dream becoming a nightmare?

Jun 9, 2017 Familia America Immigration

Many undocumented immigrants brought to the USA when they were children are scared of been deported. These children or ‘dreamers’ received protection under DACA. With new immigration policies being implemented, nobody knows where the dream is heading. As the dreamers obtain a driver’s license, attend school or simply apply for legal jobs, they may become target for deportation.

Is the focus on criminal immigrants only?

Although the new immigration policies’ intention is to deport illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds, many illegal immigrants without criminal records who have been in the United States for many years, are also being targeted. Some of them have already being deported in spite of the numerous complaints by the media and professionals in the immigration field. It’s clear that these residents are not a threat to the American people yet we continue hearing about their deportations being enforced.


The BRIDGE Act was introduced in congress to help immigrants who received protection from DACA as well as individuals authorized to work in the United States. These individuals can reside in the USA with authorization from the federal government. The BRIDGE Act will eventually replace DACA. If DACA is terminated, the dreamers will not be able to receive many of the advantages they once had. It’s not clear yet how things will develop in the coming years as the BRIDGE Act only provides protection for 3 years after its enactment.

What will happen to DACA

It’s not certain what will happen to DACA. If you are considering applying for DACA you should consult with a Utah immigration attorney as things have changed quite a bit under Trump’s presidency. Many legal advisors recommend you don’t submit a DACA application until you have consulted an attorney who will assess your case and explain the possible risks when applying. However, DACA takes about 3 months to process. By that time the program will probably end and nobody knows how the USCIS will handle pending or unprocessed applications. The application fee for DACA will cost you about $495 and you run the risks of having your information shared with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Harsh immigration policies

In spite of the many contributions of immigrants to our economy and society as a whole, the new administration seems to create a more restrictive environment with stricter immigration policies. Immigration enforcement seems to increase and many immigrant families are afraid of what might happen. New policies can cost taxpayers billions of dollars and break families apart. People free their homelands to find freedom here and opportunities to prosper just like everyone else.

The role of a Utah immigration attorney

Every immigration case is sensitive. Even the most insignificant circumstances can affect its outcome or resolution. For more information on the options available to immigrants protected under DACA, contact a Utah immigration attorney.

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