Philadelphia Man Detained during Routine Green Card Interview
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Philadelphia Man Detained during Routine Green Card Interview

Mar 1, 2018 Familia America Green Card, Immigration

When Jose Ivan Nunez and his husband, Paul Frames, attended their January 31 appointment at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services offices in Philadelphia, they were expecting an ordinary, routine meeting, and the next step towards Nunez’ green card. Instead, ICE officials entered the room after the interview was paused, taking Nunez into custody. He now potentially faces deportation back to Mexico, where his sexual identity could mean he is in serious danger. The reasons for detaining Mr. Nunez are, as yet, unknown.

When a Routine Interview Turns into Your Worst Nightmare

Mr. Nunez and Mr. Frames wed in 2016, after dating for two years, and have now had their worst fears realized as they wait to hear whether Nunez will be deported to Mexico. His history, and the way in which he entered the United States mean that the only option available to him is Withholding of Removal, which is somewhat similar to an asylum claim. Due to fears for his safety, should he return to Mexico, Nunez has also been granted a Reasonable Fear Interview, which will involve a USCIS asylum officer interviewing him, before determining whether he is “more likely than not” to be subjected to torture or persecution on returning to his country of birth.

Mr. Nunez remains a citizen of Mexico, although he has considered the United States his home since entering without inspection in 2001. After returning to Mexico in 2010 to visit his ailing mother, Nunez was served with an expedited order of removal at the border and forced to go back to Mexico. Several months later, he re-entered the United States, again without inspection. Due to this, ICE has now reinstated their previous expedited order of removal, as per their procedures.

Mr. Frames and the couple’s deportation defense attorney continue to mount an appeal on Mr. Nunez’ behalf.

Do You Need a Salt Lake City Green Card Attorney?

While the specifics of Mr. Nunez’ case may be more complex than many green card applications, it’s always advisable to obtain legal representation from an experienced green card attorney. Immigration law can be complex, and there’s a lot at stake should you make an error during the application process.

Having years of experience working on various immigration cases means Salt Lake City attorney from Familia America can maximize your chances of having your green card application approved. There are several routes to gaining a green card, and the most appropriate will depend on your individual circumstances.

When you consult a Salt Lake City green card attorney, you will be presented with your options, which may include:

  • A family-based green card
  • An employer petition for a green card, should you be employed in certain industries, or in a certain role
  • A fiancé visa, if you are engaged to a United States citizen
  • Refugee or asylum status, if applicable
  • If you were a victim of a certain crime and assisted law enforcement officials with their investigation, you may be eligible for a U-Visa

To discuss which green card option is most suitable for you, and how to maximize your chances of success, call our expert Salt Lake City Immigration attorneys today on 801-656-9605.

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